Platinum Sponsor Miss Jamie from the Farm

Miss Jamie's Farm White Banner

Miss Jamie from the Farm is a well known Chicagoland children’s performer. She can be found giving her monthly shows at Mariano’s grocery stores or at many other children’s events in the area.

Miss Jamie, along with her donors The Bump Club and Catbird Baby, have graciously donated four CD’s for raffle along with a free show this Wednesday at noon. Diversey Health Center has sponsored BWI-Chicagoland by donating their space for this show. Thank you to all of these donors for your amazing donations to make Chicagoland’s International Babywearing Week a great time.

Circle Barn Logo

Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest, search “Miss Jamie’s Farm”
Books and CDs for sale on Amazon
Diversey Health Center
Diversey Health Center
2626 N Halsted St
Chicago, IL 60614

Information about the show can be found here

Free Tickets can be reserved here:

Platinum Sponsor Lehman Design Consultants

Lehman Design Consultants have supported BWI-Chicagoland’s International Babywearing week with a donation of a Tekhni woven wrap to place in our raffle.  Please give Lehman Design a big thank you for supporting BWI-Chicagoland.

Lehman Design Consultants is an engineering consulting firm specializing in new and existing buildings. We provide consulting, permitting and design services for HVAC, Plumbing and Electrical systems. Are you a property developer or architect? Do you own a building that needs system upgrades or energy efficiency improvements? Do you want to lower your utility expenses with capital improvements? Our experienced and dynamic team can help you sort through the details and find the ideal solution. Give us a call or email at:

180 W. Washington St. Suite 500

Chicago, IL 60602

Platinum Sponsor Highlight- Tekhni Woven Slings Studio

Tekhni Logo Gen3edited

Alisa DeMarco of Tekhni Woven Slings Studio has been an active member of BWI-Chicagoland and was part of the Lake County Babywearers before our affiliation with Babywearing International. Her love of babywearing began with this local group, she is thrilled to watch BWI-Chicagoland grow and being part of our inaugural IBW Bash is very special to her.

Tekhni’s Platinum Level Sponsorship has been instrumental in the success of our inaugural IBW Bash occurring Saturday October 10th. Tekhni will be premiering BWI Chicagoland’s exclusive woven wrap, Laurel Embrace, a beautiful collaboration of colors representing our group and celebrating International Babywearing Week.

BWI Chicagoland Exclusive Laurel EmbraceBWI Chicagoland Exclusive Laural Embrace

Tekhni has provided a financial donation as well as woven wrap scraps which have been converted by BWI volunteers into to fun raffle items. Alisa has also donated one exclusive Laurel Embrace to be raffled at the IBW Bash.
Thank you Alisa and Tekhni for your amazing support of Babywearing International of Chicagoland!

Membership Cards and Changes to Membership Guidelines and Policies

We have new membership cards! All paid members of our group will receive a membership card with their membership number on it. You must have the card with you in order to borrow a carrier. If you are worried you will forget the card, you can show us a picture of it on your phone as well. Once we assign you a card, you must be able to show us the card, or a picture of it, in order to borrow a carrier.

There have been some changes to our Membership Guidelines and Policies as well. Any member borrowing carriers from us is responsible of knowing these policies themselves. We will also be giving you a printout of the new terms the next time you borrow a carrier. The updated terms can be found below here:

Tula Migaloo Happy – Wrap Review


Ignore the grumpy baby, just look at those pleats!

This colorful wrap by the makers of the highly sought-after soft structured carriers is a pleasure to use and to see. The nearly half/half cotton and tencel blend makes it strong and incredibly soft and moldable. This wrap is an explosion of bright colors overlapped by a white “whale tail” pattern, giving way to the colorway’s name, Happy. The tencel blend does not wrinkle, which makes this an easy-to-care-for wrap, and it is made completely of natural materials. Enough about the fibers, let’s get to the wrapping!

I wrapped my 7 month old infant with ease; this wrap is definitely a squish worthy snuggle fest. It has a lot of glide, which can be useful if you’re having difficulty learning strand by strand tightening because you can tug on a section and immediately feel and see where the tightening is happening. This glidey quality can make KEEPING your nice tight wrap job a chore though. This is why I would recommend this wrap to someone with a very new or lightweight baby. The pleats this wrap creates when you bunch a pass are really beautiful, making the pattern on this woven wrap really stand out, and it’s thin and breathable for summer.

A huge thanks to Tula for giving us this wrap for our lending library!


Secure high back carry, nice and cool for summer




Front wrap cross carry – first attempt


In these pictures you can see how my first attempt with this wrap yielded a so-so outcome, but I can easily see where the wrap needs to be tightened more.

Soft Structured Carrier Sizing

Purchasing a carrier is a huge investment and there are many things to take into consideration. Soft Structured Carriers (SSC) offer convenience, support and are easily accessible. Many SSC brands offer different sizes, some offer Infant, while most offer Standard and Toddler, which provide appropriate sized panel width and height.

Sizing is incredibly important with SSC’s, a carrier that is too large for the child can over-extend baby’s knees, not allowing for the “M” position. (knees above bum and carrier only going to the back of the knee) Hyper extending a child’s knees in a carrier that is too large can be incredibly painful for the child, as their weight is resting on their legs instead of their bottom.

Often we are asked “what is the best SSC”, or “I was told I NEED a such and such SSC carrier” SSC’s fit different body styles differently, what one person finds comfortable, another may not. There is a large number of SSC brands and we highly recommend trying on several carriers to see which is the most comfortable for you. There are several stores where you can try on carriers, or you can attend one of our ten monthly meetings. We would be happy to help you find a soft structured carrier that fit both individual carrying and the individual being carried appropriately.
Below we have placed a large toddler in each different soft structured carrier. The toddler’s stats are 31lbs, 38” and wears 4T clothing comfortably, she has both a long torso and long legs.

pickerimage(8) pickerimage(2)pickerimage(7)SSC'spickerimage(6)pickerimage(5)pickerimage(3)pickerimage(4)pickerimage(12)pickerimage(1)  pickerimage(10)  pickerimage(11)    pickerimage(9)

New Beco Carriers for BWI Chicagoland

Recently, we accepted a generous donation from Beco Carriers to our library. This carrier brand is one of our most popular choices among checkouts, and we are thrilled to have the latest designs represented by our members for this spring.  Becos are a fantastic newborn through toddler carrying option that can be readily purchased at a number of retailers nationwide.

The Beco Gemini is a extremely versatile, ergonomic 4-way carry option for caregivers.  It allows for seat adjustment based on size of the child and carry. It is one of the few soft structured carrier options that does not require an infant insert to fit a baby from birth, and is a great option for caregivers who want a one piece carrier solution to carry their child.  It also gives the ability to cross straps while using a front carry, and this can help more evenly distribute the weight and aid in comfort for the wearer.

Beco Gemini with an almost 4-year old wearee.

Beco Gemini with an 3-year old wearee.

Beco Gemini with an almost 4 year old wearee

Beco Gemini with an 3- year old wearee


Beco Gemini with an 8-month old wearee

Beco Gemini with an 8- month old wearee

Beco Gemini with an 8- month old wearee

The Beco Soleil is a 3-way carrier that boasts a wider panel and a hood option for sleeping and nursing.  This carrier also allows for crossed straps to more evenly distribute weight.  There is a handy front pocket and easy-to-use tri-lock safety buckles to ensure that the carrier is safe from losing a buckle attachment while being worn. Keyring and toy ring features help caregivers to keep all the important things close at hand.


Beco Soleil with a 2.5-year old wearee

Beco Soliel with a 2.5-year old wearee

Beco Soleil with a 2.5-year old wearee


Beco Soleil with a 8 month old wearee

Beco Soliel with 8- month old wearee

Beco Soleil with 8- month old wearee

We look forward to sharing these latest additions with you, and please do let us know if we can assist you with any questions concerning them.