Carrier Review: Je Porte Mon Bébé

Je Porte Mon Bébé

By: Suzie Campbell
Pictured: Zoelle Nagib, daughter and Daddy (and Zoelle’s practice baby doll Villi.I.Am)




Our lending library has recently acquired a Je Porte Mon Bebe PhysioCarrier and I had the pleasure of testing it out. This is a full buckle carrier and is appropriate from infancy through toddlerhood. Carriers are often compared to jeans; what fits one person might not fit another or be comfortable. That is why it’s important to try things out and why our lending library is such a great resource. I say this because I found that this carrier was not comfortable for me to use with my toddler, but it might work great for you. Below I’ve listed some pros and cons of the carrier.


No infant insert required.
This carrier has 2 pillows that slide right into the carrier (they have little pockets that fit them) and has a cinchable panel that make it so you do not need a separate infant insert. This carrier can be used from birth without the extra padding and heat of an infant insert. The panel has webbing on either side that can make the panel as small as you need it so baby’s head clears the top of the carrier. The pillow inside boosts baby up so they are supported from knee to knee and the extra padding added to the top supports their head and neck. You can see in this picture that Zoelle has the webbing shortened for her baby doll.


Mesh panel.
Another good feature of this carrier is the hidden mesh panel for air circulation. The panel can be found by unzipping both sides of the panel and folding it up into little loops. I did not use this carrier during very hot weather, but I know other carriers with similar panels do help to cool you and baby while wearing. The nice thing about this panel is you can also see baby’s positioning while inside the carrier from a different perspective. Especially for newborns this can be helpful to check their legs and be sure they are in the right position. During the winter the panel can be zipped down for extra warmth.

You can see in this picture that Zoelle has the panel zipped up to expose the mesh. If you look under baby’s bottom, that is the pillow I discussed in my first point.


Mirror attachment.
This is probably one of the coolest features for me. The side straps come with a small mirror attached to it for easy viewing of your baby during a back carry. This is something I have not seen on a carrier before. I found it to be a little silly, but a fun little feature and just an added bonus.

Dual Adjust straps.
I am putting this as a pro, because I know this is a big concern and necessary feature for some people. I however hate dual adjust straps. I can never find the comfy spot with them (again back to that one carrier doesn’t fit all mentality). Dual adjusting straps can be a critical feature for people with disabilities or people who simply can’t pull straps one way or the other. It also seems to make the straps longer in some cases for plus size wearers who need extra strap length.


Short shoulder padding.
The shoulder padding on this carrier is very very short. The chance that the padding will not reach under your arm is very high. Having webbing under your arm can be quite uncomfortable for many people. I think this is a major flaw on the carrier and made it uncomfortable for me.

You can see on Zoelle in this picture that the end of the straps comes above her shoulder blades.


Bulky straps.
The straps and waistbelt on this carrier are very thick and bulky. Some people may find this to be more padding and more comfortable. I found it just made the whole carrier feel bigger and uncomfortable.

Short adjustment area for the chest clip.
I found the length of the area that the chest clip adjust between was very short. If you had to move the chest clip up or down there wasn’t much space to do that. Especially since the straps are so short, if you prefer to have the chest clip under your shoulder blades that may not be possible.

You can see on Ali in this picture that the chest clip is at the lowest possible level and is still pretty high on his chest.


Overall, I feel this is a good carrier for infancy through toddlerhood. Some people may find it uncomfortable with the webbing and padding issues addressed here. Please contact a group leader to see if this carrier will be available at the meeting you attend and see what you think!

Babywearing as a Nanny

Babywearing as a Nanny

By Candie O’Dell-Scherer

I have been in the childcare industry for almost 20 years, and don’t know how I did it before babywearing entered my life.  I had a friend in grad school who said to his wife one day as they were leaving, “do you want to wear her?”  I responded, “is she an accessory?” That comment opened my world.  I started paying attention to carriers and how they were being used, though I didn’t have any nannykids at the time who were babywearing age.  Then I started with my last nannyfamily.  I knew they had a couple carriers, but I hadn’t taken the plunge to wear the then 6 month old.

While being home with my family while my grandma was passing, my cousin had me try on carriers and wraps.  I couldn’t wait to get home to my nannyfamily.  I started first with their DIY ring sling and occasionally their older model Ergo.  I’m plus-sized and it didn’t fit well without an extender, and my bosses are petite.  I absolutely loved that ring sling.  We used that everyday until she was about 18 months.

The bond between me and the kids, doesn’t come as naturally as it does with their parents.  But I can’t begin to describe the bond that babywearing created between me and my nannykids.  I quickly grew addicted to snuggles, sleepy hugs, and my hands being free.  We use public transit, and quickly found that babywearing was way easier for us than lugging a bulky stroller; it’s so much easier to throw a carrier in the diaper bag.  As she grew older, it warmed my heart when she brought me a carrier and asked to go “up.”  How quickly “going up” calmed tears, stopped temper tantrums, and became her favorite place to be.


My love for babywearing and trying different carriers grew.  I joined BWI of Chicagoland, to learn about even more carriers, and meet people like me.  I don’t know how to convey how much babywearing has changed my nannying life, to the point that I became personally invested in carriers and furthering my training, when I don’t have kids myself.

I am currently with a new family and had the pleasure of wearing the baby since he was 3 days old.  There are no words to describe the sweet baby snuggles.  It also really helped us bond from the beginning, and helped when my boss went back to work.  I also wear the toddler almost daily, and love her excitement when I get a new carrier to add to our stash.  I even pick patterns I know she would like.  I now own lots of carriers, but each holds sentimental value with the kids I have taken care of, and the ones I will care for in the future.

Thank you Babywearing for changing my life!

New Carrier Review: Fidella Buckle Onbu


Blog post written by Nikki Patrick

In the photo: Stephanie Hopkins  

I recently had an opportunity to try one of the library’s new additions; the Fidella Buckle Onbu. I have a 36 pound 3 year old and a 25 pound 1 year old.

We took the carrier on a trip with us to Mexico. Overall, I loved it. I’ll go over some specific pros and cons in a minute. It’s a great carrier for bigger kiddos. It is rated 10-30 kg (so roughly 22-66 lbs). The child must be sitting independently and this carrier is for back carrying only. It features padded straps and a hood.

-No waist band to eliminate the “muffin top”
-Less material makes it a bit cooler for both caregiver and child.
-Easy to achieve a very high back carry.
-Comfortable for wearers of varying sizes.
-Interesting patterns!
-Folds up very small and takes up very little space.

-The padding on the shoulder straps is quite thin, which I found to be ok but was uncomfortable for my husband.
-The absence of a waist band makes all of the weight center on your shoulders, so I got sore quickly. I did find that this got better after using it frequently.
-Must wait until child is bigger and able to sit unassisted.

Overall, I really liked this carrier. I think it’s a great option for an experienced wearer with an older child. It provides a good customized fit. There could be more padding in the shoulder straps, but this wasn’t an issue for me personally. This is a great addition to our library!

Babywearing During the Holidays

Babywearing is useful during all seasons, but there are many added perks to wearing during the chaos that is the holiday season.

1) Travel: Airports during the holiday season tend to be even more busy and stressful than normal. The convenience of being able to put your infant in an SSC or reign in a running toddler in a quick ring sling can’t be overstated. Babywearing frees up your hands to carry your bags, produce the requested documents, and take off your shoes and belt through security. You can wear your baby through airport security, though additional screening is sometimes requested.

2) Don’t want to play “pass the baby” with your infant? Put them in a front wrap cross carry and all eyes, but not hands, will be on baby.

3) Want to dig into your mashed potatoes but baby wants to be held? A hip carry in a ring sling or wrap can free up your hands to eat that delicious food. Just use caution when around extremely hot food or drinks, grabby hands can move fast!

4) Toddler over stimulated by all of the lights, sounds, or activity? Babywearing can provide comfort and a place to hide out from all of the chaos around them. Snuggling next to a caregiver allows them to take a break for a few minutes and calm down a bit which can help avoid a major meltdown!

5) If you are a breastfeeding mama, Babywearing can provide a more discrete way to nurse in situations that aren’t always comfortable. I practiced in front of a mirror several times to see how much you could actually see (not much!), and that gave me the confidence to try in front of others. Formula feeding mamas can also use Babywearing as a tool to get a busy baby to calm down long enough to take a bottle!

6) Babies are busy and new places are stimulating; wrap naps can be so helpful in avoiding an overtired baby or toddler who won’t sleep in an unfamiliar place.

7) Babywearing is also helpful for that last minute shopping we all end up doing! There is nothing more stressful than pushing a stroller through crowded stores and trying to keep baby happy long enough to make purchases. Babywearing frees up space and keeps baby close enough to avoid some of the overstimulation that comes with holiday shopping.

Whatever holiday you observe, this is a busy time for all of us. Utilizing Babywearing can help make this chaotic time just a bit more enjoyable and allow you a few moments with your child amidst all of the hustle and bustle around us. From our family at BWI Chicagoland to yours, we wish you a happy holiday season and a wonderful new year! Happy Babywearing!

Platinum Sponsor: Heartiness Handwovens


Heartiness is a well known name in the handwoven business. Located in the Republic of Belarus, they started with machine woven wraps in 2009 and began creating handwovens in 2011. Heartiness is not only focused on the designs and colors of their wraps but also on the quality of their products. They use only the highest-quality yarns to produce their wraps: Egyptian and unmercerized cotton, cottolin, linen, mulberry silk, bourette silk, tencel, superwash wool, merino wool, lambswool, camelhair, alpaca, cashmere, and others. The weaving artists have developed a complex pattern based on a traditional Belarusian pattern modified to fit modern styles and also use basic weave patterns commonly used.


Heartiness is always open for custom orders.  Find an inspiration photo and they’ll weave it into wrap form!  Custom orders require a minimum of 25 meters, split amongst different people, and the custom leader receives a 50% discount on their wrap!  For more information on customs, please email


Heartiness has very generously donated a gorgeous shawl for a raffle prize.  A cotton and cashmere blend, this is the softest wrap I’ve ever felt.  Long enough to do a rebozo with, this shawl would be the perfect scarf in the winter, that you could then take off in the store and wrap your baby in! And trust me when I say that it is more beautiful in person!


Please show Heartiness some love for their generous donation by heading over to their Facebook Page and Instagram. Follow them if you enjoy their work!

Platinum Sponsor: Kindermusik with Jeanneane


Kindermusik is the world’s most trusted name in music and movement classes for young children. And research proves that music is the best activity for nurturing every area of a child’s development. From birth onward, music is the optimum vehicle for learning!


Kindermusik with Jeanneane celebrates the joy and benefits of music for every child at all developmental levels. Her studio specializes in Kindermusik, the world’s premier music and movement program for children from birth to seven years old.

Every Kindermusik class immerses your child in a rich, developmentally appropriate environment. Our multi-sensory approach allows children to see, feel, hear and then express concepts in their own creative way. Join us as we dance, sing, listen, play and pretend. Connect with other families, and discover how music makes parenting easier.


Jeanneane Palczewski is a licensed Kindermusik educator and the Director of Kindermusik with Jeanneane. She holds a Bachelor of Music degree with an emphasis in vocal performance from Judson College. She was a full-time Early Childhood Educator from 1984 through 2001 at which time she went into full-time Kindermusik! Her first love is music! She has been performing since age 7. She served on staff as the music director for a Bartlett Church for 20 years. She has served as a volunteer in various areas of the music program at Willow Creek Community Church and continues to serve in the music department. In 2002 Jeanneane – “Mrs. Pal” became the grade school music teacher at Bartlett Christian Academy. She stepped down in 2010 to focus on Kindermusik full time.

Since 2002 Jeanneane’s Kindermusik program achieved Maestro status and has been recognized by Kindermusik International as one of the top 5% within the company. Kindermusik is an excellent combination of music and child development and gives Jeanneane the opportunity to do what she loves most.

Kindermusik with Jeanneane has very generously donated a Kindermusik pack containing: 2 CDs, 5 books, Jump to the Beat CD, DVD and jump ropes, 2 sizes of egg shakers, harmonica, maracas, bells, wooden shaker, scarves, and a gift certificate for free home materials when you sign up for a Kindermusik with Jeanneane class! Total value over $100!

Please help us show our appreciation for her support by visiting (and following) her Facebook page and visiting her website!

Platinum Sponsor: Foss Swim School


Provide your baby an enjoyable in-water experience at Foss Swim School. Participate in our original Backfloat Baby® program. Explore the 91º warm water and engage in fun water adjustment activities taught by adult professional swimming experts. Foss Swim School offers year round programming for swimmers age 6 months and up.

The Foss Swim School program is executed better and more consistently than any other program following their lead. Their reputation for solid technique, well trained instructors, creative curriculum and delivering predictable quality teaches over 18,000 swimmers each week.

Jon Foss’ mother, then 17, tragically lost her nine year old brother to a lake drowning incident in North Dakota. With that memory, Jon’s mother made certain her four children became strong swimmers. Jon’s personal NCAA experience competing against many of the top national swimmers provided him with first hand knowledge and examples of how successful swimmers swam. He started to note particular and specific techniques and made a conscious decision to create a system for teaching and training strokes that was unlike anything before. Between 1993 and 2014, Foss Swim School has opened 10 locations and teaches 18,000+ swimmers per week.

Foss Swim School has generously donated a $300 gift card good for a session of their original and high quality swim classes. Check our our raffle table for a chance to win this fabulous card.

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