Reason number one million why babywearing is fabulous

On days when it looks like this outside

it’s really, really hard to push a stroller.

And if the dog cannot walk in it, there’s no way the toddler will be able to.

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About hyacynth

A journalist by nature and profession, I've been on special assignment from the Great Editor and Chief covering the foreign land of motherhood for eight years. While I admittedly enjoy covering bare baby bottoms with diapers, I do, from time to time, miss covering chair-throwing, name-calling town hall meetings. But those moments of day-dreaming bliss are often burst by a toddler's tantrum, which, ironically enough does include pee-wee chair throwing and name calling. I write about faith, motherhood, marriage, healthy living and the intersection of it all.

2 thoughts on “Reason number one million why babywearing is fabulous

  1. Just put Aria in the storch wrap and took her for a 2mile walk with my husband and our dog around our neighborhood in Mundelein. She fell asleep within seconds and kept me warm to boot!!

    I also wore her in Babies R Us and JC Penney on Thursday and got so many ooh’s and aah’s I lost count!


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