Cold-weather babywearing tips

It’s so cold frigid arctic-feeling outside here in lovely suburban Chicago, that I’ve decided to keep Gabe indoors until the mercury in the thermometer inches above zero. But if you do have to venture out into sub-zero temperatures (or even just cold weather), here are some tips for wearing baby in the cold and staying warm together.

*Invest in nice, warm gloves or mittens for both you and baby. Then invest in a warm hat or ear warmers for you. Baby needs either a hat with a chin strap or a snug-fitting hat that’s hard to pull off.
*Put baby in the carrier while you’re in the car. Adjust for comfort and good positioning once you get inside.
*If you wear baby in a front carry, put your coat on over the carrier. It will keep you warm and it will keep baby warm. Don’t worry if it won’t zip over the carrier; your body heat will most likely keep you both warm while you trudge through the parking lot.
*Consider using a ring sling, pouch or soft-structured carrier when the ground is slushy. It’s a little difficult to wrap a wrap or tie on a mei tai in the car; however, it can be done if you are persistent and dedicated. (If you can pre-tie your wrap for carrying a little baby, that’s not too hard to get on in the car.)

Cold-weather babywearing apparel

*An over-sized coat (only works for front carry)

*A poncho (can do front or back carry)
-Do-It-Yourself (
-Mama poncho (

*A babywearing coat (sometimes restricted to front carry)
-Kindercoat (
-Peekaru (

Happy warm and cozy babywearing!

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