Babywearing Elevator Speech

I recently went to a networking event. I had signed up because I didn’t have a job and had heard that networking meetings could help. I learned so much about networking there! I learned about handbills, that I should leave a networking event with two appointments for coffee and I needed an elevator speech.

An elevator speech? It’s a brief way to explain who I am, my skills and the value I’d bring to a company.

While wearing my daughter Anna, I have found that I need an elevator speech. My conversations about babywearing are usually started by others, but I  need an elevator speech about babywearing. So, after much thought, here it is.

Both Anna and I are happy when I wear her. I get done what I need to accomplish and she feels so content next to me. I have made friends by learning about babywearing. How can I help you find a carrier that works for you?

My elevator speech helps me accomplish the goals that I want to when I talk to a stranger or friend about babywearing. I’ve explained how babywearing is such a positive experience and brought up two things all women crave — a happy baby and friends. I open the door of possibilities for them.

What’s your elevator speech?

2 thoughts on “Babywearing Elevator Speech

  1. Awsome idea! I’ll have to make one for me! I have trouble sometimes answering “properly” when talking with people that make comments about how cozy a kid looks or something.


  2. I usually say something along the lines of …

    he’s just so happy to be next to me, and I’ve got two free hands! What could be better?

    And then they think about it and realize nothing could be better than that, I like to think. 🙂


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