Carrier for the Car

Getting out of the house with everything because an even more challenging feat once kids are thrown into the mix. Two kids vs. Mama….look out! Mama loses every time.

I have found that the best way to get out of the house mostly on time with everything that’s needed (included the baby carrier) is to keep a carrier in the car. I have two carriers that I use the most, a Catbird mei tai and an Ergo. I really like the Ergo, a structured carrier, for back carries and for times when I wear my little one for a long time.  So the Ergo ends up in the car.

Which carriers end up in your car and which in the home?

2 thoughts on “Carrier for the Car

  1. I tend to leave a RS in the car but carry/ wear in and out all sorts of things! The Ergo always has to be in the house for DH!


  2. Hmm, since I’ve been pregnant, I like the Hotsling for the car. It’s essential really. But if I’ve got a long haul, I make sure to bring the 3.2 meter wrap.


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