Sakura Bloom Spread the Love Benefit

Love babywearing? Passionate about introducing new parents to the art of holding their babies close while having their hands free? Huge advocate for slinging your babe?
If you said yes to any of the above, would you consider purchasing a ticket on behalf of the Lake County Babywearers for the Sakura Bloom Spread the Love Benefit?
The tickets are $10 each. Our group could one one of 36 gift certificates to babywearing vendors, which would help us add lovely carrier additions to our lending library. And we have a shot to win a whole slew of Sakura Bloom Ring Slings if our group purchases the most tickets!
If you love and appreciate what our group has done for you in your babywearing journey, would you consider purchasing a ticket and increasing our chances to enhance our babywearing lending library. A whole community of mothers would benefit from more additions to our library. Help us spread the babywearing love.

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About hyacynth

A journalist by nature and profession, I've been on special assignment from the Great Editor and Chief covering the foreign land of motherhood for eight years. While I admittedly enjoy covering bare baby bottoms with diapers, I do, from time to time, miss covering chair-throwing, name-calling town hall meetings. But those moments of day-dreaming bliss are often burst by a toddler's tantrum, which, ironically enough does include pee-wee chair throwing and name calling. I write about faith, motherhood, marriage, healthy living and the intersection of it all.

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