Babywearing is…

In honor of International Babywearing Week, I’ve decided to ask members of our group to describe what babywearing is to them in just one sentence.  Babywearing is alot to my family and me;  it’s helped us through colic, medical procedures and sleepless nights. Most importantly, it helped build a never-ending bond between my little guy and me. 

Take a minute to read and enjoy what our members have said.

“Babywearing has helped us become confident, attached parents and has helped us raise confident, attached children.” – Allison

“Babywearing is a whole new part of my life; it’s give me that closeness with my 3rd child that I didn’t think was possible while taking care of our other two young children.” – Casey

“Babywearing helped us become the confident, attached parents we hoped to become and has aided our daughter in learning amazing things by being involved in normal day-to-day activities.” – Sara

“Babywearing is an integral part of my life, allowing me to physically and emotionally connect with both of my children despite other obligations.” – Alisa

“Babywearing gives us the opportunity to be together despite the many demands of being a work-from-home family.” – Corry

‘It means I can attend to an active toddler and fragile newborn at the same time.” -Loralie

“Babywearing helped make us into the attached kind of parents we so desperately wanted to be and aided in shaping our little ones into compassionate souls.” – Hyacynth

“Babywearing has transformed our parenting style and has allowed us to easily comfort our children, meet their needs, accomplish daily tasks, and especially allowed us to more easily travel, camp and hike.” – Heather

“Imagine the easiest, safest, most natural way to nurture a young child – that’s what babywearing means to me.” – Karen

“Babywearing allows us to actively engage our children in outings, adventures, and daily activities without being bogged down by a stroller.” – Megan

“Babywearing has helped us meet many of our children’s needs without putting a stop to our lives.” – Colleen

 “Babywearing has not only allowed me to get chores done while comforting my children but has aided in forming the close bond with my children that I never thought was possible.” – Kate

The other day I was reading a post on facebook that asked this same question, and my favorite answer came from the owner of the store SweetPickles.  She described to me the heart of babywearing  by saying, 

 “Babywearing meant I never had to let go.”


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