Happy IBW Week Saturday… photos, events, and raffles, OH MY!

(this photo is on the train half in a carrier sitting on my lap being entertained playing with the hood). 🙂

Photo Contest

We have a photo contest that’s underway, if you have a favorite photo (one from each category), please vote for it!  Voting will run through Sunday at noon!  Well give you the results by Monday morning!

Here’s the direct link  https://bwichicagoland.wordpress.com/2011/10/12/photo-contest/


We had a few great events this week, starting with a social gathering at the Algonquin Township Hall in Crystal Lake.  We had 23 caregivers come and share their knowledge and experiences with each other.  Though we did some 1×1 help, there was a lot of great group sharing going on.  Some mamas shared tips on using ring slings.  A gorgeous Snuggybaby wrap was given away.  The lucky winner was a new attendee with a newborn who was there looking for another option to her Bjorn, so it was a lucky match for the drawing!

Yesterday was a busy babywearing day in Lake County.  We had  16 caregivers come and share their babywearing love.  We held a giveaway drawing and a pregnant first time mama won the Boba wrap.  Another great giveaway!  One of our leaders gave us feedback on all the great carriers represented at the ABC conference a few weeks ago.  We will have a few new wraps coming our way from the event, stay tuned for details when they arrive!

After a bit of a break some of us headed out to the Mundelein Farmer’s Market.  We had an opportunity to show off a few ponchos and larger jackets while wearing our little ones since it was getting so cold and windy!  It was the last market of the season, and the kids enjoyed some free apples, local bakery goodies, face paintings, a hayride, popcorn balls, and a little free pumpkins!  I’ve never seen the market with so many fun samples for the kiddos!



















The preschool to grade school aged kids enjoyed the “hayride” on a few local streets through town.  My poncho worked wonderfully as a blanket over us, since the 3 year old came off my back for the ride.  My son has decided both arms and one shoulder need to come out of his poncho hole to play with my hair.  It looks like my poncho will need a few alterations, since I don’t really prefer to be strangled by a 3 year old…

We have two more meet-ups scheduled for today.  I’m sure we’ll have a few pretty photos from the outdoor event to post later!


Our fundraising raffle is also underway.  We welcome all to enter the raffle, you don’t need to be a member of our group.  Our only requirement is that you’ll need to pay for shipping if you win and aren’t local (since this is a fundraiser :).  Some of the raffle items have very few entries, so the odds are great for winning!!

Here’s the link for the raffle:


Happy Babywearing Weekend to all!


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