Raffle Contest Winners

Congrats to all the winners!  I taped it and my husband drew (I’ll add it in a little later when we have time).

1.  95.00 Gift Certificate to Cygnus Lactation in Mundelein.  Karen Guisbert

2.  A bottle of BIOFREEZE (pain relieving roll on) and a half hour massage from ADIO Chiropractic in Libertyville: Jenny Brushaber

3.  Sustain.able Sprouts and ColorDip Studio combined donated this Natibaby wrap it is bamboo/linen blend and was professionally dyed by CDS:  Karaleigh Salmi

4.  Babyette has donated this pretty purple gauze wrap:  Trish Pfeiffer

5.  RedCharlotte has donated a pair of baby carrier suck pads of your choice from her store:  Jenny Brushaber

6.  Obimama has donated neutral colored pretty linen ring sling:  Megan Vignocchi

7.  Our Group donated an infantino eco-sash mei tai carrier:  Sara Johnson

8.  Babyette has donated this gold water ring sling:  Mary Haas


Congrats to all and I will post the video of it later!



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