Babywearing to reconnect

Somehow in our babywearing journey, we’ve gone from here at 3 months old (in a moby D stretchy wrap):

to here at 3 years old (in a toddler kinder pack):

Babywearing can be an invaluable way to bond and reconnect with your little ones.  Whether it’s the initial bonding with a new little squish or reconnecting after a long day of work or trip out of town, it can help ease those transitions.

I just came back from a visit AWAY from my boys (the two little ones and the big one).  They stayed home and fended for themselves just fine.  I spent some nice adult estrogen infused time with some of my husband’s family.  We had an entertaining road trip, the boys had some great bonding play time at home.  It was a win-win.

However, between the daylight savings time change AND my first 3 day solo adventure without K, I was kind of dreading my return.  Wondering if the small bit of freedom would end up being worth it in the end, if you know what I mean.  Pondering the future whiney, clingy, needy, out of control boys that I might return to.

And yet again babywearing SAVED THE DAY.

K is 3 now, and doesn’t get worn as much as when he was little.  It’s usually because “we’re going to miss the bus” so I pop him up.  Or “he’s super tired”, or “won’t stop running away”, etc.  Well, yesterday it was just “because”.  He asked to be worn- his idea- a few different times.  And he picked which carrier he wanted and brought it to me.  If he hadn’t been used to this comfort zone, as I like to call it, it could have been a REALLY ROUGH DAY.

Sure, the people at gymnastics probably thought we were nuts, but that’s ok.  He begged to go uppie, but of COURSE not in the back, that would have been too easy.  He’s 3, average height, and a skinny 28#, so I prefer back carries or a short trip in a ring sling.  Front carries, honestly- not my favorite now that he’s a preschooler.  But I obliged, and he was happy and content on my front, sucking his little thumb, playing with my hair.

Close enough to kiss?  Hehe, definitely not a problem.  However, we’ve changed roles apparently, and I was the receiver, not the giver.  It was very sweet.

In the end, it’s all he apparently needed for the transition.   I guess I worried for nothing.  Let’s just hope and pray the next few days go as well.  Oh wait, I still have my carriers, so I think it’s a definite possibility!

Stay tuned for another post on the benefits of bonding with new little squishes!

Maybe like this one…

or this one…

or this one!

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