Playing in a new location

Tomorrow afternoon, we’re having a meeting at the Des Plaines Public Library (Friends Room B) from 1:30-3:30.

It’s a new, special meeting in a new, special location.  We’ll see how tomorrow goes before deciding whether or not to hold more meetings there in the future.

We’ll have a few new carriers to play with and take some nice pictures of.  We’re hoping you can give us some great feedback on what carriers you see tomorrow.  Have I peaked your interest yet?  You’ll have to join us to see what travels along to the meeting!

For tomorrow’s meeting…I’m hoping to share a little babywearing love and knowledge.  I’m hoping to learn something new along the way.  I’m also hoping to put some faces to the names I see often, and make some new friends.  Are you coming?  What are you hoping tomorrow brings?


Goodnight 🙂




One thought on “Playing in a new location

  1. Any plans to do more weekend meetings? I’m a city momma and would love to attend a meeting but since I work FT during the week I am unable to make it to the Tuesday meetings. Thanks!


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