The Kinderpack Love

It’s no surprise if you’ve ever read this blog before, that some of the leaders of this group (not only me) love Kinderpacks. Many of the photos of my family over the last year have involved them. Now that my youngest is 3.5 years old (OH MY!!), we do still sometimes wear a Sleeping Baby Productions Ring Sling, a lovely toddler Bamberoo, or a woven wrap… But we always seem to fall back on the Kinderpack. I think my partner would love the fit and comfort of the Bamberoo, but the one I own is a girly pattern that I just can’t get him to try it.

(Standard body sized Kinderpack with standard straps that include the perfect-fit option, carrying a 28pound, 19 month toddler)

A lot of our local members have seen and played with my Kinderpack. They’ve become more popular locally. Melissa, the owner and work-at-home-mom (WAHM) who makes the Kinderpack is located downstate a few hours from Chicago. We love to support local WAHM’s whenever possible.

 What a Deal!

Melissa was able to send use two of her gorgeous carriers at a great deal. We’re really thankful she could work with us on getting some for our group. We appreciate and acknowledge the time, effort, and love she and her family put into making these carriers. I don’t think making well constructed, high quality, comfortable baby carriers is an adventure to be taken lightly. They have seen a lot of love in our group so far, once our group heard we had two, a lot of people at meetings wanted to give them a run (and sorry it’s taken me a while to post these!).

This is the standard (body), standard (shoulder strap) Kinderpack.  Same baby (ok a small toddler, 15 months old and 19 pounds), same carrier, different parent:

This is the toddler (body), standard (shoulder strap) Kinderpack.  Bigger toddler than the little blond boy pictured above:

All the details on these are listed on her website here.  We get a lot of questions about what size would be best for different children.  Any sizing questions you have would be answered here.

Sized to Fit Newborns Through Pre-Schoolers

They come in 4, yes 4 sizes. That sounds really confusing, huh? It’s not. There’s an infant (baby) size, a standard size that will typically work from an older baby through three years old easily, and two even larger sizes (toddler and preschool). They’re generously sized, and give great knee to knee coverage for the standard size. But any baby would really swim in one. Hence the infant size. One of the options has an adjustable waist to cinch down the carrier base to accommodate a “M” shaped position, infant squat position with legs out.

I’ve never personally used an infant size. I discovered them when my youngest child was 18 months, so even though it had some room to grow, I started off wearing her toddler size. These days I can still use her toddler size for my 3.5 year old, or the preschool size for either my 3.5 year old or 6 year old if I thought my frame could handle it. After he turned 4.5 or so, he was really only ever worn to show it was “possible”. Being as short as I am, his kindergarten body has just gotten too long for me now!

I think these larger sizes are a blessing, since most buckle carriers that are easy to find only work comfortably until around 2 or 3. And for any parent who has a special needs child who might benefit even more from being worn, they are a fantastic option as well!

Here is a photo of my 30 pound, 3.5 year old in a toddler (body) standard (strap) Kinderpack at the Museum of Science and Industry recently:

I have a new preschool size with solarveil in my personal stash, but somehow I haven’t taken any photos yet!  I’m sure you’ll all see those soon!

My Favorite Feature

My absolute favorite feature on the Kinderpack is the dual adjustable strap.  This means the straps can be adjusted in both directions.  Some carriers out there only allow you to pull in one direction.  That’s great if it’s “in your favor” and easy to pull, but can be a challenge if you have to pull back behind you and away from your body.  With a dual adjustable strap, you can always pre-set it so you are doing the final, tightest adjusting towards the front of your body, which is easier to do.  This is especially helpful for caregivers who might have limited flexibility.

 Changes through Time

I’ve seen a few different hood options come through her pipeline, as well as some changes here and there with padding shoulder strap lengths and padding, etc. Some of the older ones have no hoods, hoodie hoods, or even detachable hoods. She used to make petite, standard, or plus strap sizes, to better accommodate different sized wearers. I heard those are phasing out. Occasionally you’ll see one listed. If you’re in the market and find a petite strapped carrier, they’re great. Another great new option she has is called “perfect fit” straps. I personally love it, because it can accommodate one more petite parent, and another who is not-so-petite. I think this is a really nice feature when you have two caregivers who are more comfortable with different sized shoulder straps. We just got a preschool summer carrier, and it’s perfectly suited to my spouse who is over 6 feet tall, and me, almost a foot shorter. 😉

 Summertime Options

One other thing I almost forgot to mention… she does make some carriers using solarveil as the center panel. Such a great summer material! Solarveil is little scratchy/rough if you have bare skin against it, compared to most other carrier materials. It makes a wonderful breathable center panel for SSC’s though!

And if you find one you love, let her know we sent you ;).


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