Kinderpack Love… Part 2


Have you been to one of our BWI Chicagoland meetings?  If not, you’ve been MISSING OUT!  You could have been playing with the new Kinderpacks we received this year!

All of our meeting attendees this spring and summer have been able to play with the group Kinderpacks that have been added to the babywearing library.  Earlier this year we posted on both a standard bodied and toddler bodied kinderpack that the owner of Kinderpack, Melissa, gave us a fantastic deal on.

They have been such a HOT commodity!  All the caregivers wanted to see them,  so we decided not to add them into our official lending library until sometime this fall.  Instead, the meeting leaders have been shuffling them to and fro so we could make sure everyone has a chance to play with them at the various meetings.  We have a few parents patiently awaiting their chance to try one at home!


After receiving the standard and toddler Kinderpacks for our lending library, we had a lot of questions from parents who wondered… should I order a standard Kinderpack or would an infant still fit?  If I order an infant instead, how long will it last for comfortably?

A few of these were parents with young babies who we kind of had to convince that a standard Kinderpack would swim on their tiny babies for at least a few more months.  The infant Kinderpack is generously sized, and will fit WELL into toddlerhood comfortably.

Here is a photo of a member of our group wearing her 24#, 18 month old, on her back this summer (in her personal infant sized Kinderpack).  He’s being worn nice and high, comfortable and supported, and it doesn’t bother her cute little expectant belly either!  How’s THAT for comfort??

We also had some parents asking about how the adjustable infant carrier is compared to her standard sized carriers.  We understood the sizing options, but none of the leaders had ever used her infant sized carrier.  We did our best to explain how they would fit if a parent was thinking of purchasing one.

One of the options for an infant sized Kinderpack is an adjustable seat.  This option allows baby’s bum to help get a good knee-to-knee seat, without being too large or too small.  There is a cinching mechanism that lets the parent (or other caregiver) adjust how wide the base of the carrier is for the baby.


Melissa, The owner of Kinderpack, was VERY generous, and kind enough to donate an infant adjustable SSC buckle carrier for our group. It has navy straps, an adjustable seat, an infant sized body with standard sized straps, with the adorable robot print and attached hoodie hood.  We’re so thankful for this donation, and it’s receiving a TON of love.

One of our leaders, Colleen, had a baby earlier this year.   She was the first one to try it!  She loved it enough that she just bought her very own infant adjustable Kinderpack!   It is well loved in her household. She also ordered the perfect fit straps, since she’s petite and needs petite straps, but her husband fits well in the standard straps.

It made a little “seat” for her son’s tush, it kind of reminded us of how it looks if you use the pillow part of an ergo insert, if you’ve ever seen that!  Here is a little picture of the way the baby’s tush sits nicely in the donated carrier:


Later this fall, this gorgeous, well made carrier will be available to borrow out if you are a member of Babywearing International.  Until then, if you want to see any of our Kinderpacks, you’ll just have to come to a meeting. 😉


If we’ve peaked your interest in this type of buckle carrier, you can find more information on the Kindercarry website :

She also has a Facebook page here.

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