*WAVE* to our new leader!

We have an exciting addition to the leadership team to announce. Jacquelyn Jennings is a former leader with the DuPage Slingers.  Her family moved farther from where the other Slingers lived and retired from that group.  She is a new VBE with our group, and will be hosting a meeting out in Kane County.

So the *Wave* is to welcome her to the somewhat South, Mostly West suburbs from the majority of the group!

Her meetings will be just a little different from the other ones in the library.  She’ll still have a great meeting, and you’ll be able to learn a ton of new tips and tricks, socialize, and learn about different carriers.  Since she’s the farthest expansion we have (and currently the farthest planned), she will have a stand along lending library.  Her library will be separate from the rest of the leaders and meetings.

What that means is that if you join BWI and want to utilize the lending library privileges, you can join through her meeting or any others.  If you borrow a carrier, it will need to be returned to her or her meeting.  If you borrow a carrier from another meeting, you CAN’T return it to her, but can return it to any other other leaders/libraries.

Logistically, it’s just too far to manage sharing a library between her and the rest of us at this point.  You can borrow carriers from any library, rest assured.  Her library will just be managed a little bit differently!  And we’ll be adding to her library based on new memberships and attendance as well.  We hope this is a great way to help fill in any voids in Kane or Kendall county!

Here is a little bit that Jacquelyn wanted to share about herself:

I love helping others discover the greatness that is babywearing. It has made my life as a parent so much richer and so much simpler! Nothing is more satisfying for me than that moment when a carrier just “clicks,” and I look forward to helping local parents and caregivers find that joy through BWI of Chicagoland.

We hope you welcome her and her knowledge as you have welcomed the rest of the leaders.


2 thoughts on “*WAVE* to our new leader!

  1. I went to the Elburn meeting this morning. It was great meeting Jacquelyn and the other mama’s. I feel like I learned a lot and even purchased a carrier online when I got home. I think I may be addicted already, lol. Thanks for a great meeting! Nicole 🙂


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