Playdate September

Changes this Fall

International Babywearing Week 2012 is just around the corner. For those of you who’ve never heard of this and think “What the heck, there’s a babywearing week?”, let me explain. For a week each October, the international organization that we’re a part of holds a celebration.

We celebrate and advocate for all the parents and other caregivers who use baby carriers to benefit themselves and the babies they carry. This year’s theme is “Carrying on Traditions”, and we’ll be celebrating October 8th through 14th. Here’s a little info if you’d like to learn more:

To give the leaders a little breath, time to reflect, and time to prepare together for October’s activities, we’re canceling the majority of the meetings in September. The McHenry meeting will still be held, as will the Chicago meeting, and the newly announced Kane County meeting. There will be no meetings for Gurnee, Mundelein, Grayslake, or Des Plaines in September.

If you are a BWI member, you’re free to hold onto any carrier you have for an extra month! If you decide you really want to try something different, contact a leader to swap your carrier out. If you come to where the library is held (in either Chicago, Waukegan, Mundelein, Harvard, or Algonquin), you can swap your carrier out.

Plan a Playdate

Now here is the fun part, the part where we need YOUR help. We’ve decided to try something new for the month of September! We’re making September “PLAYDATE SEPTEMBER”.

We’re encouraging all our members to PLAN PLAYDATES. Meet up with others who live close to you. Meet up with other who have similar interests, schedules, or kids the same ages. Meet up with others who you’d love to learn a skill from. Meet up to socialize and have coffee or tea while your kids play. Meet up to play with your fluffies! Weekdays, Weekends, days, or nights, it’s your choice!

Here are some suggestions of places you can meet up with others:

Farmers Markets



Houses where kids can run free in the backyard

You can also meet up at libraries, coffee shops, malls, it’s your choice. September is also such a fantastic month to spend at the park! The possibilities are endless, and it’s up to YOU, the members, to make some friends and learn a little along the way. You all have things you can teach each other, whether it’s about babywearing, life, or being a parent.

Capture the Memories

And we’d REALLY love it if you’d take some photos and send them to us. You can send them directly to the leaders, through Facebook, or to our group email ( We’d love some great photos we could use on our blog, if you’d like to offer them up as well.

We can’t think of a better way to foster new friendships, skills, and strengthen the little village we have here. Enjoy!!

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