Schedule for Monday, October 8th!

Tomorrow you can choose from 2 great activities

1.  Fluff Envy Meetup:

From 10:30 to 12:30 there will be a meetup at Fluff Envy.  Fluff Envy is located at 1345 N. LaFox, in South Elgin, IL.  It will be a nice celebration event, where you can learn a little about different carriers, learn more about a carrier you already have (bring yours with!!), and socialize with others.  Justine, the owner of Fluff Envy has graciously offered her space up for this event.  I’ve heard there will be some snacks and even a giveaway for those attending!  But you’ll have to come find out yourself!  And a special thank you to Justine!

2.  Group Photoshoot Meetup:

Starting at 12:30 there will be an equally great opportunity to meet up at Independence Grove in Libertyville.  Independence Grove is located at 16400 W Buckley Rd, Libertyville, Illinois.  Independence Grove is easy to get to, at the Northeast corner of Milwaukee Ave (21) and Buckley/Peterson (137). We’ll meet near the Children’s Grove (children’s park). When you enter turn right, and go as far as you can before parking stops. You will see a building (and a turnabout), if you go in past the building, you will see the kids playground. Somewhere close to the playground will allow older kids to be entertained as well.

One of our members, Hilary Yankello, also a talented photographer, and has offered to help us get a group photo.  She’s also willing to  do some quick shots of babywearing pairs, or kids.  There will be some pumpkins for a cute little backdrop!

Here is Hilary’s facebook page, if you’d like to see some of her work here.

After the event, she’ll be posting the photos for those who attended, and you will have the opportunity to purchase any images you like for a very low price of 5.00 an image!

And Tabitha will also have a camera to get a nice group photo at Fluff Envy too, so don’t fret if you’re trying to decide which to attend.

Hope to see some of you tomorrow!!

And thank you again to Hilary of HY Photography and Justine at Fluff Envy for your generous donations of time, services, and help!


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