Last Minute Emergency Cancel for Gurnee

Sorry for anyone reading this on their way out the door.  Janelle’s boys are sick so she can not go to the meeting.  Colleen realized as her kids and gear was all buckled in the van that the keys had been accidentally taken out of the house.  There is no way to get a leader to the meeting today.

They’re in the midst of contacting Krystal.  Please feel free to playdate there as long as you’d like, (or she wants to stay).

So… options?

Contact Colleen, she can meet up with you in the Waukegan area to help or swap carriers out.  Contact Heather, 🙂  I can meet up in the Mundelein area to swap carriers as well.  Or come to the babywearing 101 meeting on Friday in Mundelein,  and we can help you out.  Or feel free to come to the Saturday meeting in Northbrook, the Sunday meeting in Chicago, or the meeting next Friday in Mundelein.

We’re SO SORRY for the inconvenience, we’ll work out any issues or details with you all personally!



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