It’s snowing outside! Stay home and stay safe!

It’s no surprise to anyone who lives in the Chicagoland area and looks outside.  The snow has started to fall.  WE NEED TO CANCEL THE CHICAGO MEETING FOR LATER TODAY IN ROGERS PARK.

The National weather service has issued a winter storm warning that just started (9am CST) and will be in effect through midnight tonight.  Though the snow recently started, it looks like it will be peaking in intensity during the meeting, which will make travel difficult and dangerous.  For additional details see this link: link

We’re already assuming anyone who was planning to come to the Chicago meeting today looked outside and said “no way am I traveling today”.  In case you still planned to come, we’d ask that you wait to see us until next time.  We are officially canceling the meeting for later today.

If you are a BWI member and have a carrier checked out, you are free to keep it until the next monthly meeting.  Alternatively, you can contact a leader through the group to arrange to swap the carrier out for another or return it.

If you have older children, and they are home on a snow day like mine are, I hope you get to enjoy the snow day together.  The MASSIVE list of school closings can be found HERE.

Enjoy your day.  Stay home and safe.  We’ll meet up soon.  The calendar tab will be updated as any additional meetings are scheduled!



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