IBW 2012 Reflections and 2013 Award Nominations

This year has been chaotic, and so much fun!  We’ve had a huge level of growth, change, and growing pains.  Some of our leaders started a new chapter focusing on some other counties south and west of our current meetings  in Lake, McHenry, and Cook County.  Some of our locations have gotten so busy we’re evaluating finding newer, larger spaces for meetings.  Though we lost 4 leaders when they started the chapter west of us, we’ve been working on getting more leaders up and running.  We’ve added 3 leaders since that transition late this spring.  We’re working with some folks to get even more leaders to help with the monthly meetings.   AND we added extra meetings in the process!  It’s kept us really busy, and we’ve loved most of it.  Our closed, local Facebook group has also exploded.  It has over 1200 people in it right now, though not all are active.  We received awards last year from IBW week, and it’s a good time to reflect on that, since it’s time to finish new nominations.

Outreach Award 2012:

Last year for IBW Week, our group won an award for “Outstanding Outreach Event by a BWI Chapter”.  The group was nominated for IBW week 2011 as the outreach event.  Here is the press release on it:    http://babywearinginternational.org/pages/outreachevent.php

It was really exciting, and Birdie’s Room sponsored the award and offered us a 100.00 gift certificate.  We were super duper excited, and took a while to decide what to buy!  We put the 100.00 gift certificate towards a really beautiful Didymos Rosalinde size 7 cotton and linen blend wrap.  One of our BWI members is loving it as we speak.  You should see it at a meeting when it is returned shortly!


THANK YOU SO MUCH for sponsoring this award!!!  The carrier is getting a ton of love with our group at meetings and from library members.  Here is the Birdie’s Room website.  It’s a great site with high quality carriers and products.  It’s also one of my favorite places to come look at Didymos wrap swatches.


VBE of the Year Award 2012:

I didn’t ever post on here about this award, but I wanted to make sure that Katie M. Berggren got some recognition for her sponsorship of the award!  It feels kind of weird to post about it, but I felt like the email thank you’s to Birdie’s Room and Katie Berggren weren’t adequate.   Last year our group was really, really thoughtful, and nominated me (Heather) for an award through BWI for VBE of the year.  I won’t bore you with the details. 🙂  If you really want to see the details, they are listed here:


I was given the opportunity to choose a 13 x 19 print from Katie’s website.  It is absolutely beautiful.  And it reminds me how  much I love our group.  From the bottom of my heart.

Thank you SO MUCH for this.  It is beautiful, and very appreciated.  Here is her website so you can view her other cool artwork:

Now, do any of you have someone you’d like to recognize this year?  You can do so below… as long as you do it as soon as possible (since awards are due tomorrow morning!)


Please submit your nominations tonight!  I know we’ve announced on our closed Facebook Group about them.  They are due tomorrow morning at 9AM Eastern Standard Time!  The form is super easy to fill out, and only takes a second.  Is there someone or some group in your life who is deserving of one of these awards?


Nominations this year are for the following categories:

  • Best IBW 2013 Publicity Campaign
  • The Jennifer Rosenberg Babywearing Advocate of the Year Award
  • The Bruce C Rosenberg Award for an Outstanding Babywearing Father
  • The Vijay Owens Babywearing Advocacy Award for Lifetime Achievement in Promoting Babywearing
  • Best babywearing outreach program to women in need
  • Best babywearing outreach event by a non-vendor (nonprofit organization or individual)
  • Best blog or website maintained by a BWI group
  • Best outreach event by a BWI group
  • Volunteer Babywearing Educator of the year


    P.S.  – Please check the calendar entry or the Facebook group event for tomorrow’s photo shoot in Lake Zurich… it looks like it could get rained out.   😦


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