Thanks for celebrating with us!


This past week was about being able to celebrate.   Celebrating by spreading the “love” and sharing how your life is made easier by using carriers.  Celebrating through socializing, and enjoying each other’s company.  Celebrating by capturing those moments on film.  Celebrating and trying something new, like a ballet class with a child in tow.  Celebrating with a visit to the zoo with friends, old and new.  Celebrating by acknowledging how you can help make another new parent’s life easier by sharing your knowledge.

For some of us leaders, the celebration also included being able to just “hang out”, and socialize, and actually get to talk to people, outside of a busy meeting where we run around like chickens with our heads cut off.  🙂

We wanted to share some pics of how much fun everyone has had this fall.  A lot of these photos are from this week, but not all.

Here are some photos from EVENTS this week!  Thanks to Hy Photography, Lisa Gauslow Photography, and Lisa Shelly Photography for great photos in the first gallery- thank you also to my iPhone camera and our family camera for the not-so-great ones in the second (ballet) and third (park/photo shoot) gallery. 😉

Photo Shoots!

Babywearing Ballet at Trilogy!

Some fun attendee photos at HY Photography’s photo shoot!

And how about our great group and their fall shots                (or favorite older shots)!

There are a few shots from spectators at today’s Chicago Marathon, and a few nursing photos.  Can you find them??

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