Exciting Announcement about McHenry County!

We have an announcement! McHenry county will now be served by BWI of North Central Illinois. BWI of Chicagoland and BWI of North Central Illinois are sister chapters. We have decided together that this will be good for the residents of McHenry county. BWI of NCIL is well-prepared to help McHenry County babywearers. With an extensive library and two seasoned educators living in McHenry county, Tabitha Goins and Rachel Dreyer, we expect a smooth transition. McHenry county members will continue to receive excellent instruction from Susan Field and Jennifer Grant as they will now be a educators for North Central Illinois. If you are a Chicagoland member from McHenry county, your membership will be transferred to North Central Illinois unless you request to remain with Chicagoland. You will have all of the member privileges offered by NCIL and will renew on the date that your membership expires. The Woodstock meetings will continue as scheduled and more meetings in McHenry county will likely be added in the future. We expect this move to be good for everyone. McHenry County, welcome to BWI of North Central Illinois!

If you are looking for what babywearing serves your area, this map shows where meeting are for the Chicagoland babywearing groups: http://tinyurl.com/illinoisbabywearing

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