Changes to the Mundelein and Gurnee Meetings

Babywearing International of Chicagoland is undergoing a lot of changes right now. As we posted recently, McHenry county is now being served by Babywearing International of North Central Illinois. Some of those changes include losing some of our new and current leaders to focus on other counties in the area, as well as leadership changes within our group. We will be making some summertime changes that affect the Gurnee and Mundelein meetings as a result of those changes.

Some of our lovely leaders are stepping down to focus more on their family (and we will really miss them!) but until we get more leaders up and running, we don’t have anyone able to run those meetings. We have some leaders in training that should be able to help lead meetings soon and we can get those meetings back up and running once that happens. If you are interested in joining our leadership team, send a message to any of our current leaders!

In the meantime, Grayslake evening meetings will still be going on every month and we welcome the Mundelein and Gurnee regulars to check out that meeting! Stay tuned to our Facebook group though, because we will hopefully still have one or two meetings in Mundelein and/or Gurnee over the summer, but when is still to be determined. If you need to swap out carriers and cannot make the Grayslake meeting, then please send a message to Sara Stephenson. She lives in Grayslake and can easily set up a time for you to come swap at her house.

Additionally, we encourage everyone to host their own babywearing playdates. You can host them wherever you want but we do suggest making it an enclosed playground (or your own backyard if you want!) so that kids don’t wander too much. With warm weather coming, choose a local park, and invite everyone to come play! People can bring their own carriers and you can play with each other’s carriers a bit, or you can just watch your kids play and have a little time to chat with some adults. If you want to schedule a babywearing playdate, then just send an email or Facebook PM to any of the admins and we can set up the event for you.


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