Natibaby Windy City Steel

The Windy City wraps from Natibaby are making their appearance in Chicago fans’ homes everywhere, and we are so excited with the final product. The wrap was a combined working effort of leaders Nina Naus, Melinda Ciaccia, and Abigail Gratcyk of BWICL, Old Fashioned Girl Modern Mama, and Natibaby. The wrap owned by the library will be touring through all of the meeting locations over the next two months.  After this time, it will be available for check out by our members.

To give a brief overview, Windy City has plenty of support and good looks.  This steely gray hemp blend is gorgeous in multiple carries, and this wrap is definitely a great option for anyone who want to use one wrap from birth to toddlerhood without losing a bit of support.  These photos are a quick snip of our family getting to try it out as our beautiful city is slowly starting to leave the icy clutches of winter for the beautiful, breezy days of a Chicago spring. I hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

Note: If you are a proud owner of this wrap and in need of tips for washing and breaking it in, Melinda Ciaccia will be adding several blog posts to help you in your journey. You can search the hashtag “wrapcare” to bring up these posts as the topic continues to be discussed over the coming days. Also, congratulations on you new addition.

I decided to wrap a Reinforced Ruck carry with my thirty-six pound almost three-year old.  The wrap was flawlessly supportive, and it carried him without digging a bit.  Considering the newness of the wrap, a bit more breaking in is necessary.  I have no doubt that the love it will be given over the next few weeks will render it extra soft and easier to wrap with each carry. After a single wash and a handful of “ups”, it is already feeling great to wrap and wear.

P1020510 P1020509

P1020507 P1020504

P1020503 P1020502


My husband, who loves the look and design of this wrap, decided to Front Wrap Cross Carry our nineteen pound nine-month old.  He really enjoyed the grippy texture and “easy to maneuver” weight of this wrap.


P1020517 P1020521




9 thoughts on “Natibaby Windy City Steel

  1. Hi – I just received my wrap (AHHHH) and was curious the best / recommended washing method. I’m 6 months pregnant with my first and want to make sure I don’t screw this beautiful wrap up. Thank you so much!!


    • Sure, if you are a member of our Facebook group, you can message Melinda Ciaccia (one of the leaders). She is a wonderful resource for wrap care! Good luck, and congrats!


  2. What if you aren’t on Facebook? Is that the only way you all communicate? I want to be a part of things here in Chicago, and I have questions about my new Windy City wrap, but I’m not on Facebook…


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