Tula Migaloo Happy – Wrap Review


Ignore the grumpy baby, just look at those pleats!

This colorful wrap by the makers of the highly sought-after soft structured carriers is a pleasure to use and to see. The nearly half/half cotton and tencel blend makes it strong and incredibly soft and moldable. This wrap is an explosion of bright colors overlapped by a white “whale tail” pattern, giving way to the colorway’s name, Happy. The tencel blend does not wrinkle, which makes this an easy-to-care-for wrap, and it is made completely of natural materials. Enough about the fibers, let’s get to the wrapping!

I wrapped my 7 month old infant with ease; this wrap is definitely a squish worthy snuggle fest. It has a lot of glide, which can be useful if you’re having difficulty learning strand by strand tightening because you can tug on a section and immediately feel and see where the tightening is happening. This glidey quality can make KEEPING your nice tight wrap job a chore though. This is why I would recommend this wrap to someone with a very new or lightweight baby. The pleats this wrap creates when you bunch a pass are really beautiful, making the pattern on this woven wrap really stand out, and it’s thin and breathable for summer.

A huge thanks to Tula for giving us this wrap for our lending library!


Secure high back carry, nice and cool for summer




Front wrap cross carry – first attempt


In these pictures you can see how my first attempt with this wrap yielded a so-so outcome, but I can easily see where the wrap needs to be tightened more.


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