Platinum Sponsor Firespiral Slings


Firespiral Slings is the creation of Tamsin and Jen: two very passionate babywearers who shared a dream to design their own wraps.  While designed and woven in the UK, they personally source the yarns they weave with and learn the technicalities of weaving to know that their designs will translate into a woven medium.  The designs are inspired by patterns in nature that delve both into science and myth.  Many of their designs are inspired by their local landscape and legends.hyssop

With a slightly looser weave than most machine woven fabrics, Firespiral wraps have a certain moldability to them.  This quality is unique to Firespiral and is a quality the creators worked hard to obtain.   The looser weave also makes the wrap forgiving and pliable, the perfect wrap for beginners and advanced wrappers alike. hYSSOP1

They have two lines of wraps: Alchemy and Elements.  The Elements range wraps are gorgeous wraps that have combined simplicity and affordability with function.  Made of 100% cotton, Elements wraps are easy to care for, making it the perfect ‘every day’, workhorse wrap and also a perfect wrap for newborns through toddlers.  Alchemy line wraps are more luxurious, with a slightly looser weave than the Elements line.  They include blends of all types including merino, combed cotton, hemp, linen, cashmere and bamboo.

Firespiral has generously donated a Hyssop Tentacular Spectacular in a size 6.  It is a 100% combed cotton wrap part of the Elements line.  A medium weight wrap, woven with a natural colored warp and earthy purple weft, this wrap will be perfect for any sized child!


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