Platinum Sponsor: Foss Swim School


Provide your baby an enjoyable in-water experience at Foss Swim School. Participate in our original Backfloat Baby® program. Explore the 91º warm water and engage in fun water adjustment activities taught by adult professional swimming experts. Foss Swim School offers year round programming for swimmers age 6 months and up.

The Foss Swim School program is executed better and more consistently than any other program following their lead. Their reputation for solid technique, well trained instructors, creative curriculum and delivering predictable quality teaches over 18,000 swimmers each week.

Jon Foss’ mother, then 17, tragically lost her nine year old brother to a lake drowning incident in North Dakota. With that memory, Jon’s mother made certain her four children became strong swimmers. Jon’s personal NCAA experience competing against many of the top national swimmers provided him with first hand knowledge and examples of how successful swimmers swam. He started to note particular and specific techniques and made a conscious decision to create a system for teaching and training strokes that was unlike anything before. Between 1993 and 2014, Foss Swim School has opened 10 locations and teaches 18,000+ swimmers per week.

Foss Swim School has generously donated a $300 gift card good for a session of their original and high quality swim classes. Check our our raffle table for a chance to win this fabulous card.

Visit their Facebook page or website to learn more!

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