Platinum Sponsor: Kolcraft


Kolcraft is a family owned and operated baby product manufacturer that began by producing playards in 1946. Leo Koltun began the business by building playard pads out of oilcloth and cotton batting. In 1950, he expanded the business by manufacturing crib mattresses by hand. The company has grown quite a bit since then and now manufacturers baby products from crib mattresses to stollers to babycarriers; one thing that has not changed is the company’s strong family values as Kolcraft is now led by Leo’s grandson, Tom Koltun. Kolcraft is currently the leading crib mattress manufacturer partnering with Sealy.


Kolcraft has generously donated two MLB baby carriers for giveaway and raffle prizes!  They donated a New York Yankees carrier and then they hit close to home with a Chicago Cubs carrier.  They must have known the Cubs were going to make the playoffs! These adorable carriers would make a great gift to any MLB fan.


Please make sure you check out Kolcraft on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.  Please feel free to like and follow their pages to show our support for these generous donations!

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