Platinum Sponsor: The Play Cafe

The Play Café was started by the dynamic duo Brad and Linda.  Brad has been singing songs and teaching music for over 20 years and loves to write and sing songs for his shows.  Linda is the story teller  and has been a nanny, a party planner, a youth camp counselor, and a teacher over the past 15 years.  The goal at The Play Café is to encourage children to be imaginative and have fun!Linda+Brad-41

The Play Café can be booked for your child’s birthday party or any other child-related events. For each party, they come to your home and perform a unique, original program just for your child.Linda+Brad-12

The Play Café has generously donated a voucher for one FREE Birthday Party!  It will be available as a raffle prize at our event on Saturday!  Please check out The Play Café on their website and feel free to follow them on Twitter to show them our support!

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