New Carrier Review: Fidella Buckle Onbu


Blog post written by Nikki Patrick

In the photo: Stephanie Hopkins  

I recently had an opportunity to try one of the library’s new additions; the Fidella Buckle Onbu. I have a 36 pound 3 year old and a 25 pound 1 year old.

We took the carrier on a trip with us to Mexico. Overall, I loved it. I’ll go over some specific pros and cons in a minute. It’s a great carrier for bigger kiddos. It is rated 10-30 kg (so roughly 22-66 lbs). The child must be sitting independently and this carrier is for back carrying only. It features padded straps and a hood.

-No waist band to eliminate the “muffin top”
-Less material makes it a bit cooler for both caregiver and child.
-Easy to achieve a very high back carry.
-Comfortable for wearers of varying sizes.
-Interesting patterns!
-Folds up very small and takes up very little space.

-The padding on the shoulder straps is quite thin, which I found to be ok but was uncomfortable for my husband.
-The absence of a waist band makes all of the weight center on your shoulders, so I got sore quickly. I did find that this got better after using it frequently.
-Must wait until child is bigger and able to sit unassisted.

Overall, I really liked this carrier. I think it’s a great option for an experienced wearer with an older child. It provides a good customized fit. There could be more padding in the shoulder straps, but this wasn’t an issue for me personally. This is a great addition to our library!


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