IBW Bash Gold Sponsor Highlight: Miss Jamie from the Farm

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We’d like to introduce one of our gold level sponsors for our BWI Chicagoland Second Annual International Babywearing Week Bash, Miss Jamie from the Farm!

An actress and singer her whole life,  Miss Jamie has been performing at parties in Chicagoland since 2013, and is a favorite among kids and their parents. Planting seeds through song, Miss Jamie from the Farm takes young kids and their families on an imaginative musical adventure to her “farm,” where they learn values like hard work, healthy eating, and being kind to animals and each other. With the help of farm animal puppets and songs both familiar and new, Miss Jamie’s Farm kids music show will leave everyone stomping their boots and hollering for more fruits & veggies!

Miss Jamie has been praised by:

-The Chicago Tribune
-Chicago Parent Magazine
-Red Tricycle
-Time Out Chicago

…and by happy kids and parents across the land!


For more information or to book a party with Miss Jamie, please visit her website.

This year, during IBW, Miss Jamie will be holding a special performance on Thursday, October 6 from 10:30-11:45 AM at Diversey Health Center!  Be sure to stop by!

About Diversey Health Center: Dr. Sarah Keuss is a chiropractor specializing in prenatal and pediatric care. She has a natural, gentle approach to health and wellness that gets to the root of the problem. She is the co-owner of Diversey Health Center with her husband where they share a love for raising happy, healthy families!


Diversey Health Center


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