IBW Bash Platinum Sponsor Highlight: Whole Love Organics

Grace’s Story, edited by Lynn Guerra

Whole Love Organics was born from Grace Soraparu’s need to create. A couple of years ago, she started with coconut oil, arrowroot powder and beeswax and made her first stick of deodorant. She found her calling and the rest was history! 

As a mother of three boys under 5, she was getting a little frustrated at home. Whole Love Organics has become her creative outlet; her lifeline. A way to get out and spread love. She is passionate about quality ingredients, products that are made with love, but that are affordable at the same time. It has never about making money (breaking even would be nice!), but about getting quality ingredients onto people’s skin (including her family and friends), after realizing most people have no idea what they are putting on the largest organ of their body!

Come check out everything Whole Love Organics has to offer at BWICL’s IBW Bash 2016, or visit her shop on Etsy. Thank you for being such an amazing sponsor!


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