IBW Bash Gold Sponsor Highlight: Babylonia


Babylonia is a small company from Belgium that has been around for 16 years. With six different types of sustainably made carriers, most with organic materials, everyone is sure to find something they love from Babylonia.

Babylonia offers three options for stretchy wraps: Tricot-Slen, Tricot-Slen Cool, and the Tri-Cotti. Made from 100% organic cotton, the Tricot-Slen and Tri-Cotti are the ideal newborn carriers; they’re both extremely soft, snuggly, and easy to use! The Tricot-Slen cool is a lightweight version of a stretchy wrap made with 100% Newlife threads, which are made out of recycled plastic bottles. While thread made from recycled plastic bottles sounds a little odd and may seem like it’d be an unpleasant material, it’s actually very soft and extremely comfortable. If you haven’t tried a recycled wrap, I’d highly recommend it.

babylonislingsIn addition, Babylonia also offers woven wraps and ring slings. Their ring slings are offered in two shoulder types-padded and unpadded-to give wearers plenty of options. While I’ve never had the chance to try one of their padded slings, I can say that their center-pleated slings (which are hard to find!) are my absolute favorite shoulder style. They hug my shoulder perfectly without limiting my mobility. Made out of 100% organic cotton, their woven wraps come in four sizes: 260 cm (size 2), 460 cm (size 6), 490 cm (long six), and 560 cm (long seven). They have many different colorways, including some solids and more understated colorways for those who don’t always want to stand out. Of course, for those that do, they carry some brighter colorways and striped designs.

babylonia bbslen


babylonia bbtai

For those that prefer soft-structured carriers and meh dais, Babylonia offers those as well! We currently have one of their BBTai in our lending library and it is wonderful! It works well for children of all ages and has a removable infant insert to place small babies in, making it easy to safely wear newborns in the larger panel. The wrap straps lay flat on your shoulders, allowing you to customize exactly how they sit to make it the most comfortable–also, the straps are extra long for those of us who need a little more length (no more tying under bum!).


babylonia flexia

Their soft-structured carrier, the Flexia, was just released earlier this year. Unlike other carriers that accommodate newborns, the Flexia doesn’t require any cinching or infant insert. Instead, it comes with three different panels that zip onto the straps and waist band. This new, innovative design offers the perfect panel size for each age range with the least amount of bulk. It’s pretty awesome and we cannot wait to get one for the lending library!

Babylonia has generously donated a Flexia and a BBTai to our raffle this year. We know our attendees are going to love these items! Please follow them on Facebook to show your appreciation for their donation, we couldn’t have the raffles without our sponsors!

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