IBW Bash Platinum Sponsor Highlight: ChunkaBuns


ChunkaBuns is an E-commerce baby and toddler apparel company working to change the children’s fashion industry through manufacturing, materials, and customer service. They specialize in eco-friendly and cloth diaper friendly clothing that meet all income levels with three clothing lines: Posh, Savvy, and Thrifty.

  • The Posh Line is made in the USA with organic and eco-friendly fabrics.
  • The Savvy Line is a combo of USA manufacturing and eco-friendly fabrics, with allowances made to create the most cost-effective Earth-Savvy product.
  • The Thrifty Line is low price and upcycled. Items may have slight printing defect, up-cycled from the baby clothes Buy-Back program, or clearance items.

ChunkaBuns’ pants are made to fit a wide range of babies. For example, the pant size 0-9 months can actually fit baby from birth all the way to 9 months, and oftentimes, even past that. An accordian-fold cuff is held in place with a small ribbon, which is snipped to increase the pant length. The waist can fold up or down to increase or decrease the rise. Additionally, an extra panel in the seal adds to the overall rise and width of the pant, giving plenty of room for cloth diapers!

If you’re the type of parent who loves fun matching tees, look no further. They have the most adorable mom (and dad) and baby matching shirts. I know these are a huge hit among many parents I know and I secretly (okay, it’s no secret) want the Big and Little Dippers!

In addition to amazing clothing, they also carry a bunch of amazing accessories such as adorable thigh-high socks, bibs, and even Tekhni hip sacks. They also have these amazing little things called Savvy Bands which are elastic bands that turn regular cloth diapers into training pants. I really wish I had known about these when I was potty training my son years ago.  Instead of spending just a few dollars to use all of my cloth diapers, I spent a fortune on trainers that I didn’t really end up even using!


ChunkaBuns has generously donated three amazing and adorable sets of clothing for our raffle prizes. Each includes a pair of pants, onesie, and socks. Please check out their Facebook page to thank them for their generous donation and be sure to check out their website! You will not be disappointed.

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