IBW Bash Platinum Sponsor Highlight: Tallulah Baby Designs


Tallulah Baby Designs is a mom-owned company that started out by making gorgeous wrap scrap accessories. With the popularity of her accessories sky rocketing, she decided to start sewing and selling onbuhimos. In case you’re unfamiliar with onbuhimos, they’re asian inspired carriers that are compact and lightweight baby carriers without a waist belt. They are perfect for the more advanced babywearer who likes the feel of a ruck carry with a woven wrap but also likes the convenience of a soft structured carrier.  Traditional onbuhimos are equipped with two rings at the base of the panel with fabric straps while buckle onbuhimos (like Tallulah’s) have webbing like a common soft-structured carrier.
tallulah5Since then, her company has soared to be one of the leading buckle onbuhimo makers in the United States. Each onbuhimo is hand-sewn in Las Vegas, NV and is made with extreme care and scrutiny. All of the carriers are made with a linen base in order to give them structure and stability; the linen also allows her to make carriers out of any wrap material to stay within the CPSIA guidelines. Every now and then, she also posts converted ring slings for sale too!

If you haven’t had the ability to try an onbuhimo yet, I highly recommend trying a Tallulah Baby first! They’re gorgeous, easy to get on and off, and–most importantly–comfortable!  If you’ve already tried an onbuhimo from a different brand and found them uncomfortable, I implore you to give them another shot with Tallulah Baby.  We do have them in the library and I promise you will not be disappointed!

In addition to gorgeous carriers, Tallulah Baby also has some pretty amazing accessories to go along with them. If you have a future babywearer in your life who wants to match you while wearing their dolls and stuffed animals, you could possibly get a matching doll onbuhimo or ring sling! She also makes coffee cozies, wrap scrap stuffed animals, wristlets, and key fobs.

Tallulah Baby Designs has generously donated a toddler sized onbuhimo made from Kokoro Ren! It’s absolutely gorgeous and we know the lucky person who wins it will be ecstatic! Please make sure to visit her website, Facebook page, or closed group and make sure she knows how appreciative BWICL is of her extremely generous donation!


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