IBW Bash 2018 Gold Sponsor Highlight: 2Lambie Creations

2Lambie Creations is a family owned and operated business. Our busy family of five includes of two teenagers and one lively preschooler. When my youngest was born, I began struggling with an autoimmune condition that flared-up following delivery. This rocky start was not only physical, but emotional as well. I was exhausted and turned to babywearing as a means to keep my baby close while I cared for my older children. I found this comfort not only worked for me but also soothed my little one. I quickly found that I could not carry my baby in the traditional SSC (a front carrier that was gifted to me at my baby shower), leading me to look for a different way to carry. I quickly learned about ring slings which allowed me to front carry, but off to the side and I managed to carry her for hours this way. Alexa went where I went, slept on me in the sling as we did our best to keep up with our busy and adventurous teenagers.  But after she reached 18 months old, my petite toddler was beginning to get too heavy for me to carry for long periods of time. I needed another option — a back carry perhaps. I turned to a wonderfully designed SSC that was not only well made, but also beautiful. It was a lovely carrier, but unfortunately the waist belt was still not a comfortable way for me to carry due to the pressure placed on my abdomen. I had to find another option for a back carry. Out of necessity I pulled out my sewing machine and quite literally cut the waist band off of my loved SSC, reconfigured it and landed on a design I was later told was an onbu or onbuhimo design popularized in Japan. Yes, my dreams were answered, except I could not buy one in the United States which led me to this quest … to design my very own onbuhimo. Now I share with you 2Lambie Creations. A beautiful, functional, and comfortable baby carrier.”



#2Lambie #WhatsYour2 #Onbuhimo #MehDai #BW2Crew #Babywearing #BabyCarrier

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