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Our group is a nonprofit, volunteer organization dedicated to helping parents and caregivers learn the art of using baby carriers (also called babywearing). We say art because babywearing really is a skill that is fine tuned over time.

Join us at a free meeting to get tips on using your carrier, choosing a carrier to fit your lifestyle, meet other families, and share your knowledge.

Want to learn more about different types of baby carriers?  Need help using a carrier that you have bought or been given?  Looking to make your life as a new parent/caregiver easier?  Join us at a free meeting or event to get tips on using your carrier, choosing a carrier to fit your lifestyle, meet other families, and share your knowledge.

Babywearing IS:

  • Holding or carrying a baby or young child with a baby carrier
  • A skill that can be learned quickly and easily
  • Comfortable and useful for babies and young children
  • For moms, dads, siblings, grandparents, sitters, nannies…EVERYONE

BENEFITS of babywearing…here are a few:

  • Less crying, spitting up, and reduced stress
  • Helps develop balance, head control, and sleep/wake cycles in babies
  • Allows caregivers to stay close to their child while doing daily tasks

At a meeting, playdate, or special event you can:

  • Get tips on keeping your baby safe, try different positions
  • Learn tricks to increase comfort in carriers you already own
  • Learn about simple pieces of cloth and commercial baby carriers
  • Make new friends

Event Descriptions

Monthly Meetings – We start by socialize. Then give an overview of safety and carrier types with an emphasis on something different each month, see website for topic listing. Then we break up for individual help.
•Playgroups – We encourage members to get together outside of our meetings to enjoy each others company.
•Special Events/ Community Outreach – We will be celebrating International Babywearing Week for second year. Last year we hosted clinics to create babywearing ponchos. Everyone loves our family and dad-focused events! New events are always being planned!
• Babywearing Classes – We can provide instruction on safety, getting comfortable and choosing a carrier for your group or business. Contact us to have a class taught at your location!

Children of all ages are always welcome!


Board Members:

  • President – Nikki Patrick
  • Secretary – Molly Scott
  • Treasurer – Jackie McCabe
  • Librarian – Melinda Ciaccia
  • Vice President of Membership – Stephanie Hopkins
  • Vice President of Outreach – Abigail Gratcyk
  • Vice President of Training – Lynn Guerra


Updated 9/2017

9 thoughts on “Info and Events

  1. HI! Are you still meeting in Algonquin? I haven’t heard of any meetings for a while, so I am not sure if I am just out of the loop??? Thanks so much.



  2. Melissa, sorry about the out of date info! I donno if you found the info you were looking for. Please check the calender tab…it’s got all the up today info on a Google Calander!


    • Melissa, as far as I know Dupage Slingers are probably you closest bet…but really not that close. There could be others in that group closer too. Are you looking for specific help or just socializing? Donno if you have joined our facebook group but there is lots of chatter and lots of mom’s someone might be close enough for playdates! Email to if you want me to see what I can do to help more!


  3. Hi I am a mom of a 16 month old and I have another baby coming in September. How would I become a part of this group?


  4. Hi,
    I was just wondering if someone could confirm the date for the next Grayslake meeting. I have a carrier I need to return.
    Thank You, Scarlett Gonzalez


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