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I'm a 22 year old new mommy of a 3 month old baby boy. I have three dogs who are also my babies: a Pit Bull named Doc, and two mutts named Cheeks and Xavi. I'm also a full-time student and I work a part-time job. My life is hectic!

IBW Bash Platinum Sponsor Highlight: Tallulah Baby Designs


Tallulah Baby Designs is a mom-owned company that started out by making gorgeous wrap scrap accessories. With the popularity of her accessories sky rocketing, she decided to start sewing and selling onbuhimos. In case you’re unfamiliar with onbuhimos, they’re asian inspired carriers that are compact and lightweight baby carriers without a waist belt. They are perfect for the more advanced babywearer who likes the feel of a ruck carry with a woven wrap but also likes the convenience of a soft structured carrier.  Traditional onbuhimos are equipped with two rings at the base of the panel with fabric straps while buckle onbuhimos (like Tallulah’s) have webbing like a common soft-structured carrier.
tallulah5Since then, her company has soared to be one of the leading buckle onbuhimo makers in the United States. Each onbuhimo is hand-sewn in Las Vegas, NV and is made with extreme care and scrutiny. All of the carriers are made with a linen base in order to give them structure and stability; the linen also allows her to make carriers out of any wrap material to stay within the CPSIA guidelines. Every now and then, she also posts converted ring slings for sale too!

If you haven’t had the ability to try an onbuhimo yet, I highly recommend trying a Tallulah Baby first! They’re gorgeous, easy to get on and off, and–most importantly–comfortable!  If you’ve already tried an onbuhimo from a different brand and found them uncomfortable, I implore you to give them another shot with Tallulah Baby.  We do have them in the library and I promise you will not be disappointed!

In addition to gorgeous carriers, Tallulah Baby also has some pretty amazing accessories to go along with them. If you have a future babywearer in your life who wants to match you while wearing their dolls and stuffed animals, you could possibly get a matching doll onbuhimo or ring sling! She also makes coffee cozies, wrap scrap stuffed animals, wristlets, and key fobs.

Tallulah Baby Designs has generously donated a toddler sized onbuhimo made from Kokoro Ren! It’s absolutely gorgeous and we know the lucky person who wins it will be ecstatic! Please make sure to visit her website, Facebook page, or closed group and make sure she knows how appreciative BWICL is of her extremely generous donation!


IBW Bash Platinum Sponsor Highlight: ChunkaBuns


ChunkaBuns is an E-commerce baby and toddler apparel company working to change the children’s fashion industry through manufacturing, materials, and customer service. They specialize in eco-friendly and cloth diaper friendly clothing that meet all income levels with three clothing lines: Posh, Savvy, and Thrifty.

  • The Posh Line is made in the USA with organic and eco-friendly fabrics.
  • The Savvy Line is a combo of USA manufacturing and eco-friendly fabrics, with allowances made to create the most cost-effective Earth-Savvy product.
  • The Thrifty Line is low price and upcycled. Items may have slight printing defect, up-cycled from the baby clothes Buy-Back program, or clearance items.

ChunkaBuns’ pants are made to fit a wide range of babies. For example, the pant size 0-9 months can actually fit baby from birth all the way to 9 months, and oftentimes, even past that. An accordian-fold cuff is held in place with a small ribbon, which is snipped to increase the pant length. The waist can fold up or down to increase or decrease the rise. Additionally, an extra panel in the seal adds to the overall rise and width of the pant, giving plenty of room for cloth diapers!

If you’re the type of parent who loves fun matching tees, look no further. They have the most adorable mom (and dad) and baby matching shirts. I know these are a huge hit among many parents I know and I secretly (okay, it’s no secret) want the Big and Little Dippers!

In addition to amazing clothing, they also carry a bunch of amazing accessories such as adorable thigh-high socks, bibs, and even Tekhni hip sacks. They also have these amazing little things called Savvy Bands which are elastic bands that turn regular cloth diapers into training pants. I really wish I had known about these when I was potty training my son years ago.  Instead of spending just a few dollars to use all of my cloth diapers, I spent a fortune on trainers that I didn’t really end up even using!


ChunkaBuns has generously donated three amazing and adorable sets of clothing for our raffle prizes. Each includes a pair of pants, onesie, and socks. Please check out their Facebook page to thank them for their generous donation and be sure to check out their website! You will not be disappointed.

IBW Bash Gold Sponsor Highlight: Babylonia


Babylonia is a small company from Belgium that has been around for 16 years. With six different types of sustainably made carriers, most with organic materials, everyone is sure to find something they love from Babylonia.

Babylonia offers three options for stretchy wraps: Tricot-Slen, Tricot-Slen Cool, and the Tri-Cotti. Made from 100% organic cotton, the Tricot-Slen and Tri-Cotti are the ideal newborn carriers; they’re both extremely soft, snuggly, and easy to use! The Tricot-Slen cool is a lightweight version of a stretchy wrap made with 100% Newlife threads, which are made out of recycled plastic bottles. While thread made from recycled plastic bottles sounds a little odd and may seem like it’d be an unpleasant material, it’s actually very soft and extremely comfortable. If you haven’t tried a recycled wrap, I’d highly recommend it.

babylonislingsIn addition, Babylonia also offers woven wraps and ring slings. Their ring slings are offered in two shoulder types-padded and unpadded-to give wearers plenty of options. While I’ve never had the chance to try one of their padded slings, I can say that their center-pleated slings (which are hard to find!) are my absolute favorite shoulder style. They hug my shoulder perfectly without limiting my mobility. Made out of 100% organic cotton, their woven wraps come in four sizes: 260 cm (size 2), 460 cm (size 6), 490 cm (long six), and 560 cm (long seven). They have many different colorways, including some solids and more understated colorways for those who don’t always want to stand out. Of course, for those that do, they carry some brighter colorways and striped designs.

babylonia bbslen


babylonia bbtai

For those that prefer soft-structured carriers and meh dais, Babylonia offers those as well! We currently have one of their BBTai in our lending library and it is wonderful! It works well for children of all ages and has a removable infant insert to place small babies in, making it easy to safely wear newborns in the larger panel. The wrap straps lay flat on your shoulders, allowing you to customize exactly how they sit to make it the most comfortable–also, the straps are extra long for those of us who need a little more length (no more tying under bum!).


babylonia flexia

Their soft-structured carrier, the Flexia, was just released earlier this year. Unlike other carriers that accommodate newborns, the Flexia doesn’t require any cinching or infant insert. Instead, it comes with three different panels that zip onto the straps and waist band. This new, innovative design offers the perfect panel size for each age range with the least amount of bulk. It’s pretty awesome and we cannot wait to get one for the lending library!

Babylonia has generously donated a Flexia and a BBTai to our raffle this year. We know our attendees are going to love these items! Please follow them on Facebook to show your appreciation for their donation, we couldn’t have the raffles without our sponsors!

IBW Bash Gold Sponsor Highlight: BabyBjörn


BabyBjörn is a Swedish family-owned business started in 1961 by Björn and Lillemore Jakobson. Their mission is to develop good, functional, and safe products for babies and toddlers while providing parents with good information.

Their first baby carrier, Hjärtenära (meaning “Close to Heart”), was released in 1973, giving parents in Europe the means to carry their babies safely on their chest.  Interestingly, BabyBjörn was one of the first companies to feature Dads in their ads in the 1980’s!


BabyBjörn has come a long way since their first carrier design. While still most known for their Original carrier, they added two new ergonomic designs-the One and the We-in 2013.  The BabyBjörn One and We are great carriers offering ergonomic support for newborns through toddlers up to 15 kg (about 33 lbs). They both offer newborn facing in (without an insert!), older baby facing in, and back carrying. The One offers facing out as well.  All carriers made by Björn offer mesh and cotton offers and the One was recently released in an outdoors option (it’s really neat!).

My absolutely favorite aspect of these carriers is how easy they are to put on and off.  While the buckles on the We and One are different from the original, they are all extremely easy to get on and off. People with limited mobility in their hands oftentimes have extreme difficulty working buckles on most soft structured carriers but the buckles on the We and One can both be released with a single hand. Additionally, the waist strap “buckle” is more like a clip and doesn’t need much tensile strength at all.

Of course, BabyBjörn offers so much more than baby carriers! They carry everything you could possibly need for the baby and toddler stages from bouncers and cribs to potties and everything in between. If you’re in the market for any baby products, check them out; I can say that we absolutely loved their potty chair!

BabyBjörn has graciously donated a Björn One carrier plus accessories for International Babywearing Week! We know whoever is lucky enough to win it will love this great carrier!  Please check out their website to see what they have to offer and give them a like on Facebook to thank them for their generous donation!

IBW Bash Platinum Sponsor Highlight: 5 Minute Recess

logo5 Minute Recess, also known as 5MR by most babywearers, is a small, family owned business that was started in 2013 with the intentions of being able to save for their child’s college fund. Starting out with only 20 wraps from a single vendor, they’ve since expanded to offer a variety of soft-structured carriers, meh dais, wraps, ring slings, onbuhimos, cloth diapers and accessories from many different companies.

With such a large selection, they have the ability to offer something that falls into everyone’s budget as well as style. The $100 and Under tab on their website offers amazing deals on carriers as well as gift ideas. If you’re lucky, you’ll hop onto their website when they’re having one of their amazing sales! To save even more money, make sure you sign up for their reward program so you can start racking up points.

They even have items for your little ones! Do you have a child who loves to babywear like their parents? They have the cutest doll carriers and you can get one to match your carrier too! The doll carriers are only 27.99 so talk about a steal. The holiday gift-giving time is coming, better stock up!

5 Minute Recess has generously donated a Pellicano Tree of Life Fuschia size 5 to our raffle for the Bash as well as 10 wrap conversion Smitten bags!


It’s safe to say that Rachel and Matt have been able to save enough for their daughter’s college fund. In fact, they’ve been so successful that they’ve been able to provide multiple carrier donations to Babywearing International chapters (like ours!) and make monetary donations to charities such as La Leche League International, Make-a-Wish, and Doctors without Borders.  As of 2016, they’ve donated over $18,000 to charity and provided multiple BWI chapters with discounts. If you’d like to see more of what Rachel and Matt have to offer, check out their woven wrap company: Smitten with Wovens!

IBW Bash Platinum Sponsor Highlight: Little Beans Café

little beans.jpg

Little Beans is a family café and an imaginative play space for kids of all ages. Both locations in Evanston and Chicago offer an imaginative village and age appropriate toys great for children from 0-6 years. Founded in 2010, Little Beans was started by a family who wanted to create a place that was fun for kids and parents alike!
littlebeanscafe-chicago-playarea-600x400.jpgTheir first location, located at 1809 W. Webster in Chicago offers a variety of fun activities and play spaces for children! The central part of the play space is the Little Beans village, which is a small town built for kids. Including a service station, grocery store, firehouse, playhouse, and school–kids can let their imagination run wild.  In addition, there are legos, blocks, trains, books, puzzles, ride on cars and other age appropriate toys. There are also gated off areas for crawling babies. During the summer, there is an outdoor deck for your children to play on and an adorable old fashioned ice cream shop to help you and your little cool down!

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LBE10Opened in 2015, the Evanston location is the newest location. Boasting an ample parking lot and even more space than the original, this Little Beans location is absolutely amazing!  It has an imaginative play space with store fronts, much like the Chicago location, plus ride on toys and trains. Additionally, there is a fenced off area as well as a smaller room connected to the play space for smaller babies. It has the same amazing café as the Chicago location, offering delicious and affordable eats. I know I like to grab a coffee and read a book, sitting at the many seating areas in the play area while my son plays independently with other children.





What really draws me to this location is the amount of things there are to do for kids of absolutely all ages. If you have an older child (especially one who likes to climb, run, and jump!), this is the place to go! Their obstacle course area, meant for children 5 and up, is the perfect place for kids to be kids while also challenging them to push their physical boundaries in a safe environment. Other amazing areas are the gym where kids can play different sports (or just run around), a karaoke room for our aspiring singers, a laser light room (kids love it!), a library, and a craft room. When we go, we usually end up spending the entire day there and do not run out of things to do!  We love this place so much that we travel nearly an hour to go there.

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Little Beans has graciously donated play space passes for all VIP swag bags! If you haven’t been, please go check them out. Visit their Facebook pages (Chicago and Evanston) to check out even more information about special events, classes, and birthday parties!

IBW Bash 2017 Gold Sponsor Highlight: Smitten Wovens


Smitten with Wovens is a family owned business based out of Texas.  Starting out as a fairly small company in 2015 with only one woven design, they quickly expanded and now offer dozens of gorgeous designs, ring slings, bags, and other must-have accessories.

As a company that has a strong emphasis on ecology and sustainability, Smitten with Wovens ensures ethical and responsible business practices and uses packaging that is recycled and biodegradable. Each woven wrap comes with a gently used children’s book, saving it from a landfill. In addition, all Smitten wraps are sourced, woven, and finished in the USA so you know you’re buying something ethically responsible.



Known for their width, Smitten with Wovens are the perfect carriers for smaller babies and bigger kids alike. If you have a toddler who likes to ride arms in or take wrap naps, these are the perfect wraps for you! As a vegan company, both 100% cotton wraps as well as tencel/cotton wraps are offered. If you haven’t had the chance to try tencel yet and you enjoy soft, moldable wraps, then you need to try it!


Smitten has generously donated a size 6 Nimh Brisby woven wrap. This 100% cotton wrap is absolutely gorgeous featuring an ecru weft with a black, purple, and lilac gradient weft. Soft and moldable out of the box, this wrap will not take much to break it in. I’ve been eyeing this wrap for a long time and wish I could be the one to win it!




Please visit them on Facebook and make sure you take the time to check out their awesome website, you’ll be amazed by their whimsical designs. Plus, they have matching coffee mugs for their wrap designs!  I know I’d be pretty excited to match.