IBW Bash Platinum Sponsor Highlight: Little Beans Café

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Little Beans is a family café and an imaginative play space for kids of all ages. Both locations in Evanston and Chicago offer an imaginative village and age appropriate toys great for children from 0-6 years. Founded in 2010, Little Beans was started by a family who wanted to create a place that was fun for kids and parents alike!
littlebeanscafe-chicago-playarea-600x400.jpgTheir first location, located at 1809 W. Webster in Chicago offers a variety of fun activities and play spaces for children! The central part of the play space is the Little Beans village, which is a small town built for kids. Including a service station, grocery store, firehouse, playhouse, and school–kids can let their imagination run wild.  In addition, there are legos, blocks, trains, books, puzzles, ride on cars and other age appropriate toys. There are also gated off areas for crawling babies. During the summer, there is an outdoor deck for your children to play on and an adorable old fashioned ice cream shop to help you and your little cool down!

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LBE10Opened in 2015, the Evanston location is the newest location. Boasting an ample parking lot and even more space than the original, this Little Beans location is absolutely amazing!  It has an imaginative play space with store fronts, much like the Chicago location, plus ride on toys and trains. Additionally, there is a fenced off area as well as a smaller room connected to the play space for smaller babies. It has the same amazing café as the Chicago location, offering delicious and affordable eats. I know I like to grab a coffee and read a book, sitting at the many seating areas in the play area while my son plays independently with other children.





What really draws me to this location is the amount of things there are to do for kids of absolutely all ages. If you have an older child (especially one who likes to climb, run, and jump!), this is the place to go! Their obstacle course area, meant for children 5 and up, is the perfect place for kids to be kids while also challenging them to push their physical boundaries in a safe environment. Other amazing areas are the gym where kids can play different sports (or just run around), a karaoke room for our aspiring singers, a laser light room (kids love it!), a library, and a craft room. When we go, we usually end up spending the entire day there and do not run out of things to do!  We love this place so much that we travel nearly an hour to go there.

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Little Beans has graciously donated play space passes for all VIP swag bags! If you haven’t been, please go check them out. Visit their Facebook pages (Chicago and Evanston) to check out even more information about special events, classes, and birthday parties!