Babywearing Elevator Speech

I recently went to a networking event. I had signed up because I didn’t have a job and had heard that networking meetings could help. I learned so much about networking there! I learned about handbills, that I should leave a networking event with two appointments for coffee and I needed an elevator speech.

An elevator speech? It’s a brief way to explain who I am, my skills and the value I’d bring to a company.

While wearing my daughter Anna, I have found that I need an elevator speech. My conversations about babywearing are usually started by others, but I  need an elevator speech about babywearing. So, after much thought, here it is.

Both Anna and I are happy when I wear her. I get done what I need to accomplish and she feels so content next to me. I have made friends by learning about babywearing. How can I help you find a carrier that works for you?

My elevator speech helps me accomplish the goals that I want to when I talk to a stranger or friend about babywearing. I’ve explained how babywearing is such a positive experience and brought up two things all women crave — a happy baby and friends. I open the door of possibilities for them.

What’s your elevator speech?