IBW Bash Gold Sponsor Highlight: Marsupial Mamas



Marsupial Mamas is a store that sells a large variety of baby carriers and babywearing accessories. The store is an online store but one of the lovely ladies behind the store happens to be local to us. Not only is she local, but Tabitha is one of the founding members of our babywearing group! Tabitha now works with another local chapter, Babywearing International of North Central Illinois, but she will always hold a special place in all our hearts. The other ladies behind Marsupial Mamas, Jilliane and Jennifer, live elsewhere around the US. Marsupial Mamas has often helped to support our chapter, giving us discounts on carriers for our library, or in this case, donating carriers to us to be raffled off at our bash on Saturday!


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Keep an eye on the Facebook page for Marsupial Mamas too because you can often find amazing sales going on, such at this one in honor of International Babywearing week!


International Babywearing Week 2016


It’s that time of the year again! Time for International Babywearing Week! The official dates for IBW are October 5th-10th, 2016. However, we are starting the celebrations a little early around here! Below you will find a list of all the events we have scheduled for the next week and a half. There are also some online events that will take place in our Facebook group so make sure to join that if you are not already a member. 

Sunday, October 2nd

Meetup at Brookfield Zoo: (10 am – 4 pm) All the area babywearing groups are invited so the zoo will be full of babywearers. We are crossing our fingers that the weather cooperates for us.

Tuesday, October 4th

Babywearing Tae Kwon Do: (10 am – 11 am) This is led by one of our leaders and Volunteer Babywearing Educators, Lynn. She holds this class every week, so if you love it you can come back!

Meetup at Lincoln Park Zoo: (10:30 am – 1:30 pm) Join us at the zoo! Lincoln Park Zoo is great because it is free to get in!

Babywearing Photoshoot with Jolie Images: (4 pm – 6 pm) Jolie will be taking photos in Lake Zurich. See event for more information.

Wednesday, October 5th

Back Wrapping Class: (5 pm – 7 pm) Join some of the Babywearing International of Chicagoland educators for a back wrapping class. This class is for intermediate to advanced back wrapping.

Thursday, October 6th

Babywearing Ballet: (9:30 am – 10:45 pm) Join us for our fourth annual Babywearing Ballet class!

Miss Jamie from the Farm: (10:30 am – 11:45 pm) Miss Jamie is loved by all the kids in Chicagoland! Come see a special performance!

Saturday, October 8th

Our Annual Bash: (10 am – 2 pm) Our second annual IBW Bash! It promises to be tons of fun and we have some amazing raffle prizes that will make everyone happy!! You can get more information and purchase tickets here.

Sunday, October 9th

Babywearing Photoshoot with Simply Unique Portraits: (4 pm – 6 pm) Photos will be taken in Elk Grove Village near Schaumburg. See event for more information.

Monday, October 10th

Babywearing Photoshoot with Ginda Photography: (4 pm – 6 pm) Photos will be taken in Elk Grove Village near Schaumburg. See event for more information.

We hope to see many of you at our events and remember to pay attention to our Facebook group for online events as well!

Thank you for the Goodies!

We’re gearing up for International Babywearing Week (IBW), and life is pretty hectic for our group right now.  We actually have 9 events planned over 6 days next week!  Can you believe it?  All of our events are listed on our blog calendar HERE.  And we did a preliminary post HERE.  We have gotten two packages in the mail from BWI recently, and we don’t want to forget to say THANKS!

THANKS BWI, Moby Wrap, Boba, Slingrings.com, and Comfy Joey!

We are a large group, and we actually have a really nice lending library.  But we also have a lot of members who borrow the carriers frequently, and get great use out of their optional membership, so we see a lot of wear and tear from use on them.  Between the 4 libraries and around 8 monthly meetings, we’re often running carriers from leader to leader before meetings, to ensure we have adequate carriers for folks to try on at the free meetings!  We are really, really thankful for donations of carriers for the library.  We appreciate the support as we all help support one another in this parenting (and caregiving) journey.

A few weeks ago, we were sent 3, count them 3 Boba carriers!  Boba was kind enough to make a HUGE donation to BWI that was distributed throughout the chapters.  We are really grateful for these carriers.  We get a ton of requests for Boba carriers in our group, so this was a welcomed package at my doorstep.  We received:

  • A black Boba stretchy wrap
  • A striking blue Boba Air carrier
  • A very gender neutral “Safari” Boba version 3G carrier

Much of our group had never seen a Boba Air in person, so we’re excited to hear the feedback from our group on it!  They are very well made and well loved carriers.  You can find more information about them HERE.

Here’s a quick photo:


Then today, low and behold, another package arrived from BWI.  It contained carriers that were donated from sponsors of this year’s IBW Celebration.

Today’s box contained these fun goodies:

We received:

  • A black MobyGo carrier with a very pretty pattern called “Barberry”.
  • A few reusable bags that say “International Babywearing Week 2013 Get Carried Away!” and have logos for peace, love, and babywearing.
  • A few coupons included for online retailers, as well as pamphlets that we can give to new attendees at meetings.  (I know a few of you missed those recently while we waited for more to arrive).
  • Multiple sizes and pairs of slingrings, that we can use with woven wraps to show caregivers additional versatility of wraps, with variations on standard and nonstandard carries.
  • Last but not least, a beautiful gray Comfy Joey linen ring sling in “Storm Gray” that has a gorgeous tail accent in “Surf Blue”.

Comfy Joey is Extra Awesome!

We also have an extra thank you for Comfy Joey.  They gave a number of lending libraries a 50% discount to purchase carriers this summer.  We purchased 3 ring slings, one of each type.  We bought:

  • A royal blue water mesh ring sling
  • A toddler width linen sling (Sipadan Island- teal green linen)
  • A regular width linen sling (Sullivan’s Bay- sea green linen)


Here are two of our members rocking CJ ring slings. 😉

If you’d like to find out more information about any of these carriers or accessories, here are the websites that can help you.  We’d also LOVE it if you thanked them for their generosity!

Boba:   http://www.bobafamily.com
Moby:  http://www.mobywrap.com/mw/Home.htm
Slingrings:  http://www.slingrings.com
Comfy Joey:  http://www.comfyjoey.com/index.php

Stay Tuned!

The next week or two will be a flurry of fun activities and information!