Following in the footsteps of our ancestors

One of my favorite aspects of babywearing is the connection I feel to my ancestors. I know that my ancient mothers must have worn their babies as it’s such a logical way to deal with that fact that there is much to do and babies like to be held. I just have to load the dishwasher, sweep the floor, spend 20 minutes cooking dinner, throw a load of laundry in the washer and vacuum. I can only imagine what our foremothers had to do without the modern conveniences.

We all know that the Asians wear their babies.


Photo: Little Seouls Boutique

We know that Central and South Americans wear their babies.


Photo: Corbis image

We know that Africans wear their babies.

Somalian woman

Photo: Corbis images

THOSE people wear their babies.

But, believe it or not, people from the Northern Hemisphere have a tradition of wearing their babies.


On a favorite blog about cleaning up clutter, I found a link to Celtic Babywearing. A woman from England captures old images of Europeans wearing their babies. And some are very interesting.

And interesting enough, I found a link to Welsh shawls, which are wool and used to wear babies. Here’s a link to a Welsh shop: The Great English Outdoors. It is very tempting to try one because I bet it also doubles as a cozy blanket for the couch.

I also thought it was neat that she had a link to her local babywearing group in England: White Rose Babywearers.

Enjoy exploring her blog. On her blog I also found a link to a blog post about the cultural history of babywearing.

My mother, grandmothers and apparently great-grandmothers did not wear their babies.  But it’s quite possible that going back a few more generations and there were probably babywearing mamas. What about your family? What’d you think of the Celtic Baby blog?