Soft Structured Carrier Sizing

Purchasing a carrier is a huge investment and there are many things to take into consideration. Soft Structured Carriers (SSC) offer convenience, support and are easily accessible. Many SSC brands offer different sizes, some offer Infant, while most offer Standard and Toddler, which provide appropriate sized panel width and height.

Sizing is incredibly important with SSC’s, a carrier that is too large for the child can over-extend baby’s knees, not allowing for the “M” position. (knees above bum and carrier only going to the back of the knee) Hyper extending a child’s knees in a carrier that is too large can be incredibly painful for the child, as their weight is resting on their legs instead of their bottom.

Often we are asked “what is the best SSC”, or “I was told I NEED a such and such SSC carrier” SSC’s fit different body styles differently, what one person finds comfortable, another may not. There is a large number of SSC brands and we highly recommend trying on several carriers to see which is the most comfortable for you. There are several stores where you can try on carriers, or you can attend one of our ten monthly meetings. We would be happy to help you find a soft structured carrier that fit both individual carrying and the individual being carried appropriately.
Below we have placed a large toddler in each different soft structured carrier. The toddler’s stats are 31lbs, 38” and wears 4T clothing comfortably, she has both a long torso and long legs.

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Many thanks for new and visiting carriers!

We are so grateful for all the new carriers we’ve gotten here in our Babywearing International of Chicagoland library! We have gotten five new carriers with either a significant discount or for free. We also had a tester woven wrap come through our group for two weeks that got a lot of play at our meetings (it is actually still here for a couple more days, so it can make it to the rest of our meetings).

In no particular order, the carriers we’ve gotten either at a discount or for free are: Natibaby Valentina *aubergine* wrap conversion ring sling (size medium), Poésie Tissée Harlequin Neige woven wrap (size 5), two standard sized Tulas in the Ukulele and Retro Bikes prints, and a Kokadi Erdvogel woven wrap (size 5). The tester that came through was a Baie Slings Filagree Ivory Hemp (size 5).

We received a Natibaby ring sling through PaxBaby. They have an ongoing deal going where, for every 10 members of our group that purchase something from them, and mention our name in the order comments, we get a punch. Once we receive 10 punches, we get a free ring sling as a prize. Pretty awesome! Thank you to our awesome members who have purchased from them, and hopefully we will be able to get more in the future!

The Poésie Tissée woven wrap was won through a Facebook giveaway. Many thanks to Nancy Sutherland, the owner, for her generosity!

The two Tulas and the Kokadi all came from Heart Hugs. They offered us a generous discount to purchase the Tulas and then they threw in the Kokadi for free as a bonus. It was extremely awesome of them to give us that Kokadi woven wrap for free! What a great company!

Last, but certainly not least, is the tester wrap we had visiting us here for a short time. The tester came from Baie Slings. It is a hemp blend (75% combed cotton, 25% hemp to be precise). It was extremely soft and lovely to play with, yet still rock solid when wrapping up our toddlers. A great wrap to add to anyone’s stash!

Now for the best part – pictures! The pictures are set up in a slide show format so just click the little arrow buttons if you want it to progress through the slide show faster than it already is.

Natibaby Valentina *aubergine* wrap conversion ring sling (size medium)

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Poésie Tissée Harlequin Neige woven wrap (size 5)

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Tulas in the Ukulele and Retro Bikes prints (standard sized) – stock photos

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Kokadi Erdvogel woven wrap (size 5)

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Baie Slings Filagree Ivory Hemp (size 5)

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