IBW Bash Platinum Sponsor Highlight: JuJuBe

Written by Nicole Navarro

Join us to THANK JuJube, one of our Platinum sponsors!

JuJuBe offers a wide variety of awesome products. While they are most known for their amazing diaper bags, they also sell wallets, cosmetic bags, card holders, laptop covers, fuel cells, handbags and more!

Their products are made with durability, functionality and organization in mind. JuJuBe’s accessories are beautiful, sleek, fashion forward, bold and fun. They have plenty of ingenious features built into their bags such as: a Teflon fabric protector, a crumb drain (does anyone else get super annoyed by the hard to remove crumb collection at the bottom of their diaper bags??), insulated bottle pockets to keep that mama milk or formula at the perfect temperature- and they are even machine washable!

One of the best things about their products is versatility. JuJuBe makes bags in many shapes and sizes with multiple options for wearing (shoulder, handles, messenger strap or backpack). This makes them very convenient for whichever way you choose to wear your baby.  

JuJuBe products are sold on their website, at select baby boutiques, buybuyBABY and even on Amazon. Go take a peek at all of their gorgeous products! You can even enter the raffle at the Bash for a chance to win a JuJuBe bag!

Thank you for supporting us, JuJuBe!


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